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Best Modes for Farming Each Currency

I’m curious which mode(s) are best for farming each resource. Resources I’m curious about include gold, souls, and class exp. Trophies, traitstones, and chaos shard acquisition would be interesting to learn how to optimize as well, but I’m personally not as interested in those.


Explore is likely your answer for all resources aside from chaos shards.

You just can’t win faster than you can win in explore anywhere else, and the varying difficulty allows one to go for speed (class XP), or high multipliers (gold), or a bit of inberween (souls, trophies, and traitstones).

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The best resource to waste time in is Treasure Hunts.
Some folks will argue you can make gems that way. I feel you could make just as many if not more by farming gold and then opening gold chests to get gems.
(I don’t recommend gold be used that way. Just in the context of trying to earn gems.)


I don’t do so much PVP these days, but I used to believe that PVP offered better gold per hour opportunities than Explore. Has that changed?

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For me:

gold - you have to win all your battles, and set up defense team to attract revenge/rival battles. At VIP-0, 400+K/hr is possible if you win a lot and quickly, but I personally cannot sustain the speed or win rate
gold (alt) - E12 with 2 Cedric. Without VIP, you can still hit 360K/hr
souls - E1/E2 with Pharos-Ra
class exp - E1 with ironhawk, hero, empowered, empowered
class exp (alt) - cPvP is very close with leftmost battles very quick giving 2 class XP, but a single bad match adds too many seconds
trophies - E5-6 with Phoenicia. you can go higher depending on campaign/weekly bonuses, but you risk not one-shotting

Adding that any special event also gives double class XP, such as Delves, Pet Rescue, Invasion, Raid Boss, World Event, etc. These aren’t always particularly fast nor grindable but, at least for the initial levels, you can usually use whatever class you want to level instead of one that’s already maxed.

2x Cedric is only better in explore, particularly high explore, since gold generated is boosted. 2x Cedric in PvP barely gives any more gold than you’d be getting.

Another thing to note is your armor. Unless you have Deathknight armor, you would probably have to keep switching between Celestial and Dragon armor depending on whether you want souls or gold.

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Two Cedrics on E12? What team would be fast enough to warrant two wasted slots?

Cedric, Skeleton Key, Thrall, Cedric? If you’re tripling your gold income, maybe you can afford a slightly slower setup? Or Plunder & Peril, even though it would be blocked by a lead Cedric?

Both Cedrics up front and Egg Thief instead of Thrall. Dragon Eggs continue to shield the important troops that way.


I know a lot of people use the 2x Cedric team for explore 12, but I’m pretty sure that using a fast team is better gold overall.

There’s at least one e12 team that averages 30 seconds, which is great for medals and decent for gold. Running the Phoenicia team in e6 is probably the fastest gold/trophies in the game, and it requires almost no attention. Also great class xp.

I use e2 for soul grinding, and daily delves for 54 class xp/day.

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Just breaking down your numbers:

Phoenicia E6 is x3.5 gold.
Cedric x2 E12 is x7.3 gold x3 for 2 Moneybags traits.
I assume you can do Phoenicia in 15 seconds. I can do Cedric x2 in 60 seconds**.
You’re making 3.5 x 4 x {base}. I’m making 7.3 x 3 x {base}. Looks like E12 Cedric x2 is more gold (by ~56%).

Is there a faster team for gold overall?
Trophies I agree with.

Also re: the E12 team that averages 30 seconds. You’re getting 7.3 x {base} gold.
At 60 seconds per battle for E12 Cedric x 2, you’d be making 50% more gold. You’d have to be slower than 90 seconds per battle to lose out on gold.
If medals are all you’re going for, e.g. 50 20 cycles per token of Nysha, then sure, fastest E12 wins.

** It helps to use something like Corsair to boost gold per turn and reach 300 damage faster. You also need a threshold of Armor/Life not to die quickly or accidentally to 2 hits from E12 enemies, because if your level (global stats) is too low, and you lose even 1/10 games, the gold value drops dramatically.


This is great stuff, thanks for those numbers!

Interesting, thanks! I strongly prefer faster teams that require less attention, but it’s good to know that the Cedric route is probably optimal for raw gold gain.

Edit: I’m just going to convince myself that 50 cycles per token of Nysha is just a big number you made up for dramatic effect and not check the drop table that was posted months ago. Because man, that’s a depressing number.

Oops… you’re right, I’m confusing my 2’s and 5’s. It’s 20 cycles per token of Nysha.
I just timed an E12 Cedric x2 Mythic run with Corsair, took 5:49 and bagged a token of Nysha from it.

(not my image - links directly to GoW Library discord)

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Unfortunately, that’s the expected drop rate. There are many other sad numbers that we don’t know about, like EK and HoR drop rates.

But it all comes down to your personal performance and preference. Maybe you don’t reliably finish E12, so E5-6 would be better. Or your 2x Cedric fights take 2+ mins each instead of the above 1min. It’s all whether your account can accomplish it.

E.g. running hero with 50% start and a 2-color weapon that hits everyone (like war and peace or black manacles) + 2x Cedric + Greed + 3x Medal of Yasmine will net close to Phoenecia explore 5-6 with 1 or 2 extra moves. Switch to Nysha if you aren’t one-shotting.

Isn’t it 2% chance of Nysha per E12 run? That’s 50 runs.

You’re right. For some reason I always thought the first table was already the adapted one so I had 2% cemented in my mind. 5% is a much nicer number.

It’s a 2% chance of any one token on E12 being a Nysha token. But you get on average 2.5 tokens per boss chest, so that’s how the average is 1 Nysha token every 20 boss chests.


That sounds nice. Care to share? Here are a couple that I use - they are fun and pretty quick but I’m not sure about 30 seconds. Class doesn’t matter for either one.



It’s something involving the Slayer class at level 100, and Zuul’Goth. My Slayer is, uh, not near 100, so I haven’t bothered to look into it.

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Flammifer (Slayer 100)/Zuul/Scylla/Leprechaun :smiley: