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Best Legendary or Epic Troop to level to 18 first (XBOX)?

I have Gorgotha at 18 and no other. My legendaries include (Imp of Love, Garnock, Jarl, and Psion)…and most of the Epics from the early map conquests (Brian, Luther, Atlanta etc etc)

Which do you recommend my levelling to 18 1st…especially want to build my Valkyrie teams, Goblins, and Knights) TIA

Don’t assume a Legendary is always better. A team that has great synergy will tear apart high level troops if not supported.

It might be better to list the type of play you like. Control, denial, true damage, speed, etc

EDIT. VALKYRIE should be your number one priority! Get her traited too!
Goblins are a stellar place to start, Knights are decent too.


I have a task to level up to an 18…so I cannot level anything less than an Epic (I don’t have the ability to ascend any lower level troops)…so it has to be Epic or Legendary…any suggestions for some of the better, more well-rounded Epics or Legendaries to level first?

I think that is a slot one Task which will change tomorrow. In that case Jarl

Agreed, out of that list, level up Jarl. Later get both Gorgotha and him fully traited.

Suggestions for other legendaries will definitely depend on your play style.

Out of the city epics, Sunweaver from Wild Plains is an excellent choice to level. I was playing around with her recently and was surprised at how well she could keep alive one of my troops who usually dies off too quickly when he’s front-line.

Would Mercy or GobChomper be better epics to work with?

Priority to Level (& Trait);

Legendary: Jarl Firemantle
Epic: Mercy

Jarl, Mercy, Gob. In that order.


Thanks for the suggestions!

Yes, Mercy is better than Sunweaver for her board control and Empowered trait, if you have her.

The main advantage that Sunweaver enjoys is

  1. You can specifically target ANY of your troops for healing, and not just the “weakest troop” that Mercy will choose for you.

  2. Anyone can get Sunweaver by completing her quest line. Mercy probably will take a while to show up in chests for someone completely new to the game.

Tyri. The higher her level he more you can spam her and she can get you maps and play mana denial and feed your other troops.

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He’s ultra rare but actually, ascending and traiting Herdmaster is a good idea; I did it. With the right combo of the other 3 troops you can absolutely wreck all manner of teams.

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Herdmaster is a great mini-Gorgotha for new players until they pull the real thing

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Correction: Herdmaster is better than Gorgotha as far as explosions go, until you can somehow manage the stones to get Granite Skin. THEN Gorgotha is the best exploder. Until I can do that I, a level 309(and climbing) PS4 GoW player, will continue to use Herdmaster until such time as I can trait Gorgotha fully.

I also have Herdmaster fully traited so…