Advice for which legendary to lvl-up/trait

Good eve everyone. I’ve got a few legendary cards lately, and even my first mythic card. To be more specific they are as follows:
-Shadow Dragon
-Gloom Leaf
-The Great Maw
-Gor’Nak or something like that (orc one)
-Jarl Firemantle

-Wulfgarok as my mythic

I am around lvl 70 right now and i only traited alchemist and valkyrie and saved all arcane and legendary stones, and also got quite a lot of other epic/ultra rare cards thabks to my great guild ;).

I just can’t decide which one to lvl up and maybe even trait to use in a decent team while leveling further… It would be awesome to use Wulfgarok, because he’s a mythic and all and looks great but i don’t know if he is that viable (also i have all wargare troops except one female).

So i will be glad to hear any advice on this hard choise and i would be triple grateful if you also suggest a couple of teams for those legendaries as well.


Sheggra would be my first choice.

If you fully level and trait wraith add valk and justice with borialis at the back fully leveled you can kick a lot of rear end in pvp…

Also if you have mercy get her fully leveled and traited and fully level and trait behemoth and put them with humility x2 in this order


That can be very effective :smiley:
Happy gemming!

Didn’t managed to get Mercy yet. But thanks!)

Oh and i dont want to skip jarl and all the dragons but i would still do borealis and/or behemoth first

Then borealis is probably your best bet

Great Maw/Sheggra is an awesome combo. Really doesn’t even need all of the traits.

Mercy is pretty important for jump starting it, though.

Maybe try:
Great Maw

This would work and require very few traits to be good.

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Can i somehow replace hellcat?

Banshee if you have her.

Great maw
would work?

Infernal King would be even better, but I am guessing it is not an option. You need reds for Sheggra to convert to skulls.

You could definitely try Banshee.

The ideal team is:

Infernal King
Mercy (needs all traits)

But, the Maw/Sheggra combo is strong enough to play with other fillers.

Yeah, you’re right, but still i don’t have neither hellcat nor infernal king, For gem spam i have apithecary, valkyrie, alchemist, giant spider and maybe somerhing else i just don’t remember…

Sheggra is a great troop but the third trait is a waste of resources considering where you appear to be in the game.

Unfortuanately, I don’t see any troop on your list that is really super powerful. :frowning:

Out of that list, I’d probably shoot for Behemoth. However, if you don’t yet have Emperor Khorvash, I would think twice about spending all those stones because Khorvash is a card you want to trait IMMEDIATELY.

Oops, didn’t see Sylvanimora the first time. That would be my choice.

Nobody said anything about Wulfgarok, is it really that useless?

Not useless but not great for a base Mythic.

Also, considering the list of troops you gave, traiting a Mythic would be prohibitively expensive.

He’s not one of the more exciting mythics for me. Great Maw is so much better.

What about Gar’Mok?

Yeah, I thought about Maw. But then, much like my thought with Behemoth and Khorvash, I considered that the OP doesn’t likely have Gorgotha. Traiting Gorgotha is way more valuable that traiting Maw. Mid-game, Maw is all about that spell.