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<3 for Jarl Firehammer

As I climbed through the early ranks of GoW, Jarl was the primary troop I used on offense. He has everything, offense damage, support damage (burn on 4/5 matches), decent life and physical attack, and of course, the gem generator. I think I used Jarl until around player level 250 when he started to become less relevant compared to the new troops and the growing power creep.

When I saw Jarl was getting a double boost from elementals and giants this week, I got pretty excited and dusted old Firehammer off. This week I’ve used Jarl, Jarl, Herdmaster, Mab to grind out my trophies and it has been very successful. That wasn’t my point though… I have an affinity for the troop and it will break my heart when he returns to his sad state of affairs next week.

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Jarl was my first legendary and of course I used him at early levels too :slight_smile:
Back then we didn’t have traits but he was doing nice :slight_smile:

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Infernal King

All 3 traited

I think you’ll enjoy it :wink:

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