Zephyros new troop

Is anybody using this guy? Any feedback? I’m curious about him…

Sorry, no. He’s using blue and yellow, just like the Frost Giant AND THE FROST GIANT HAS A BROKEN HELMET SO HE NEEDS MORE LOVE. There, you know it now.


I made him mythical, but haven’t bothered using him yet. Distribution damage like that is pretty bad in 1.0.8 now that some traits just heal/armor for one per turn.

Celestasia or Silent One are just so much better in comparison to what he does.

He’s interesting. I think his boost ratio is 3 damage per yellow gem destroyed.

I’ve got him in a 4-giant Stormheim team, and the bonuses (+6 attack, +6 life) add up.

He is finally a decent giant to feed Jarl’s yellow to. So he can charge quickly.

I do plan to try him out with a magic based team around Soothsayer, but so many teams come down to just stacking skull damage right now, that it’s not worth giving up the City/Unit bonuses.

I’m using him in my Stormheim team. I like him. Does good damage if you blow up the right column. The boost for the yellow gems destroyed is x3, so a column with 3 yellows adds 9 damage. Not bad.

i faced that god in the pvp. omg he did some who-do that i never wanna see again. Gods in this game and in pvp defence.