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Ban Jarl Firemantle

Fire whoever thought “AI takes infinite turns, kills your entire team from full health” was a fun gameplay mechanic.

Seriously, didn’t you learn anything from webspinner?

Wow that was a very bad run of luck to get that to happen. :thumbsdown:

What was the team composition?

The enemy? It was something like Jarl, Serpent, Valk, Jarl. All mythic, so around 200 health total. It didn’t really matter much, because I killed the first three without them getting to use an ability. I wasn’t quite quick enough to kill the last Jarl, so he got to use his ability once and chained it into infinite turns, killing my team.

Extra turns, both goblins and creatures that generate their own colour, seem overpowered and no fun to play against.

seen a 4x jarl with full traits. he can take control, but isn’t that purpose of a board controller. can use your own and erase the red/brown he needs and keep him from charging up just like worm teams and webspinner to

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I played a true shot team pre patch. got nerfed so hard seemed like a push over team now I start over in the L 400’s fighting against lvl 700-1000’s I just created team about like one you said, and someone wants to ban them to. It is getting really old. This team is beatable and maybe it makes match longer in defense but you don’t have to fight it if you don’t want to. and not like goblins, where you see that team 1000 times over.

Learn to use different teams and tactics and quit screaming Ban /Nerf every time you lose a match.


Let me tell you how to stop that troop. Freeze him and watch him turn useless in your hands unless he is immune to being frozen (in which case wholly shiet devs are you crazy?) but this is not the case. He can be frozen. Guess what is going on my defense team tonight? Fully traited jarls at mythic just for you! Just kidding i can’t even do that in my sleep.

still beatable. the time I ran into 4 jarls I got clobbered as I wasn’t prepared second time I slayed all mythic jarls with ease and I was maybe lvl 250 at time and opponent was lvl 1000 with those beasts. = Tactics and being prepared and knowing your enemy can mean difference between lose and win

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Plus Jarl is far more fragile in the AI’s hands than a players as it will stop its chain if it can make a skull attack. Sometimes you have to play smart and leave it such an option. I ran a Jarl,Eternal Flame,Summer Imp and Jarl combo and in my hands I can chain out a whole team once I get a start. It will win defends and would be much more lethal if traited but starve it of reds and it can be easy to beat.

I also have to say I am tired of the small minority that cry nerf on the forums. With the numbers of people that play the game it is irksome that for the most part we only see the complainers here and seem to disregard the obviously far greater number of players that play and don’t post on forum because their happy.


I don’t object to difficulty. If anything this game needs to be a lot harder - I’m on something like 96% wins in PvP, and I’m not taking it remotely seriously. The problem is the utter BS powers that I have no realistic way to fight back against. There has to be some ground in between utter pushover, and one-shot instant kill of the whole team. Balance and AI seem to be really bad, and it’s making me want to stop playing.

Oh, and I just learned that there’s a hero weapon (burning scythe) that can do 80 points of damage in one activation. So I need to kill the entire team (which is set up to feed mana to the hero) before he can activate his power twice. That seems fun.

i wish difficulty affected enemy ai not just their stats or combo breaker.

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Wrong again…you have 20 slots to build teams and a scout function to see who you are facing. When you face a team you struggle against then the “fun” element you seem hooked on can be found in building a team to combat that. A team that uses targetted spells can kill a hero, or a team with maybe a mana drain can be kept charged to zap said hero whenever he is close to full mana. The possibilites are what makes the game fun, not just rolling over every team you face.

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Yeh, I finally get to use this quote again:
Less QQ more Pew Pew

Stop yelling nerf cuz of every little affront. I for one actually enjoy a good challenge, and an occasional loss is actually a fresh breath from the dull grind.

At this point in game I don’t think there is such a thing as an “Unbeatable Team” anymore. It’s just a matter of how much attention you pay to your opponents’ composition. Preparing and deciding on different team combo is also part of the game too. If your current team isn’t equipped to handle a particular theme, then creating one that does is part of the fun of this game.


Run …


It’s much more resilient to mana starve and gets Realm bonus.

Jarl very rarely self fuels for long… OP must have been very unlucky to get a loop against them that long… Jarl is hit or miss most of the time, can be strong, but I don’t think it’s overpowered… Venoxia is the same…

Not looking for souls, and the setup I gave feeds itself very well, the Eternal covers most times and when an enemy is low health on a troop can fire Imp for fun and to save time.

Play what’s fun. :slight_smile: Serpent is surprisingly resilient with agile and health gain. Souls are a side benefit of my deck… You can never have enough. I unfortunately wasn’t playing when summer imp came out, so that’s a no go for me.

I have used the Serpent before in a Jarl , Serp , Eternal,Jarl setup and it worked ok, I just found the Imp more fun and even more so now its damage has been raised due to more magic.

the serpent has decent attack and is one hella tank.

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wait a second… you killed three mythic troops with about 200 health total, without any of those troops being able to use an ability…

and you think it’s the fourth troop on the opposite team that’s the problem?

“I killed three troops without letting any one of them use an ability–but that team killed FOUR of mine, so nerf!”

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