Jarl Firemantle

Hi everyone ,

I am wondering if it’s still possible to get Jarl Firemantle ?

That’s correct, yes. You can get him from gem chests, glory chests, event chests when Stormheim is the weekly kingdom and VIP chests.


Ok thanks for your answer , i will stockpile some glory and gems untill Stormheim returns.

You can get him from glory chests and gem chests anytime (but the odds of pulling him specifically are very low). When Stormheim is the weekly event, then he will be the only legendary available in event chests. The weekly event doesn’t affect glory and gem chests.

PC/Mobile just had a Stormheim event a couple weeks ago, so we should get the same event on console in the next two months, but probably not in the next few weeks. It’s hard to predict, but you shouldn’t have to wait TOO long to get a Stormheim event.

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Ah thats good to know. Maybe it’s worth getting level 5 VIP to increase chances with those chests or with some luck he might be for sale in a bundle during the Stormheim week.

The main reason is i’m always getting rekt by jarls so that would be an ideal counter tactic :slight_smile: , also it’s just a good card.

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If console follows PC/mobile, he will probably be for sale in the shop during the Stormheim event. That would be the easiest, guaranteed way to get him. Of course, he’d cost $50 most likely.

That being said, I don’t know that I’d pay $50 for Jarl. He’s a decent troop but not great. Save up your event keys and you should be able to get him for far cheaper.

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Hmm you are right that is quite expensive , event keys would be better.
I’m at level 3 VIP now and would like to get access to vip chests at some point though.

If that’s your goal, the Legendary packs aren’t a bad deal.

Agreed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips

If you’re vip 3 getting to 5 might be a case of buying the typhoon of keys pack or deathknight armour. Vip 5 is fantastic if you plan to play long term and regularly. I wish I’d not spent 1350 gems on various armours and just bought deathknight but at the time I didn’t know deathknight was coming /available and thought £40 for on piece of dlc /add on was ridiculous! I enjoyed the game so much that I’m halfway through vip 5 and my fiancee is just into vip 5. I pay for both and apart from the odd daily gems sub I’ll be pretty much done at that amount of spending money on the game.

The deathknight armor was the first bundle i bought and i’m very pleased with it because the progress without the armor bonus was just agonizing and i agree 2 x £40 or 2x 49$ would also be my limit to spend on this game. Looking forward to get level 5 status soon.

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Plus you won’t be doing what I do and forget to swap armour for different tasks etc!