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Raid boss (Stormheim)

Hi everyone, another raid boss event this week and like always let’s share our team idea

This week i don’t have lot of imagination so i am using

Fire giant
(Urskaya banner)

Edit: i know hero with titan class would be better but im working on another class so i can’t really change it unless they decide to change the 50 gems fee

I am using

Mang (Titan Class)
Halfgrim (x4 damage)
(blue/brown banner)

Haven’t lost any battles yet, but only about 15 in on the final boss. I ran out of sigils for the day heh.

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I’m using

Halfgrim Half-Giant at mythic
Hyndla Frostcrown
kraken banner

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Mang (Titan)
Halfgrim (just tier III)

Banner from Sin of Maraj, but maybe I should change that. Was using the blue common troop that makes red, without it I guess might swap banner for brown/red/purple.

Titan works well with Hyndla since exploding on 4 match sometimes makes another 4 match.

Been using:

Jarl Firemantle (Can be a liability)
Flammifer (Liability risk)
Hyndla (Fel’dras worst enemy)

Mang (Archer)
blue/red banner

May have to change this up soon. Starting to get tricky.

Mang (Titan)-Halfgrim-Hyndla-Skymir/Valkryie, haven’t decided on the last one yet. I’d use Jotnar in the last spot but don’t have him. Valkyrie seems the better option on paper given Halfgrim’s colors.

Mang-RaidTroop is automatic in the first two spots IMO.

I don’t trust Jarl to not rain down a sea of cascades against me, because he does that a lot.

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I’m trying out Jarl Firemantle / Valkyrie / Halfgrim Half-Giant / Cauldron, with Bear Banner.

Not a big fan of the randomness of Jarl, but when it works it charges Valk (and himself again usually), who charges Halfgrim for his attack.

Cauldron is just there for a health buffer for Halfhrim but I don’t go out of my to fill it really. May switch the order around at later stages though, when I need the extra damage output.

Ice Aegis

Earth fury (cause it’s leveled, mang isnt)

This seems to be getting the job done.

Yasmine’s Pride (Titan)

Bear Banner.

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Hero (Death Knell)

I’m using Mang+Godslayer combo as usual. Hyndla Frostcrown is very awesome pairing with Halfgrim Half-Giant, adding 11 more to spell damage with every 4/5 gems matches, so she is an exceptional pick this week, which leave only one remaining slot…

Here’s the review of your options.

  • Another Halfgrim Half-Giant - his boosted by life tactic make him a Godslayer that is suitable to deal with minion as well.
  • Another Hyndla Frostcrown - more magic boost, and more summoning in case things went wrong.
  • Jotnar Stormshield - Barriers for everyone.
  • Skrymir the Lofty - to keep your Mang alive longer, or increasing Halfgrim’s spell damage.
  • Valkyrie - create more Blue to feed Halfgrim.
  • Urska Wanderer - half-boosting by enemies’ attack stats makes his spell quite strong in late level.
  • Jarl Firemantle + Fire Giant combo - triple damage on burning troop is awesome, but they come in pair, so you will have to sacrifice another slot for them.
  • Arctic Fox - forced Zuul’Goth to target him first to make the match look better.

Even at Level 330, Zuul’Goth is easy to defeat with just one Halfgrim’s hit after Mang’s armor stripping. The real problem is the Orc minions, which most of them can one-shot everything at this point. With no Skull-creator to choose this week, your winning chance is highly depended on how lucky you are with skull matches.


Different set up

Jar of Eyes

Titan 100.

Use lofty to heal half giant, move him to top slot, then when lofty refills, move lofty back to the top so the half giant is away from skulls. By that time you have about 200 life to go with about 45 damage, plus you have the modifier. In later rounds I may revise hero option.

Always looking for suggestions. i’ve been trying for a stronger team… but not thrilled with Jarl being in first place. His hits seem hella weak

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As the battles have got tougher, I’ve switched back to trusty mang :+1:


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Titan makes a big difference this week, depending on how traited and leveled it is.

Giants start with 50% mana
L1: Stun enemy when skulled
L20: Duststorm on start
L40: Barrier on brown match
L70: Explode 1 yellow on ⅘ match OR Enrage on ⅘ OR Bonus brown
L100: Fortitude - Immune to Stun, Poison, Disease, Death Mark and Devour

That’s the same team I’ve been using. Had a total of 3 losses but never once lost without killing the boss.

The team that works pretty well for me is:

Playing as Assassin

Hope’s Cresent +9
Half Grim
Ice Witch
Hyndla Frostcrown
All fully upgraded and traited.

I try to hit Zuul with the cresent first an then I finish him off with Half Grim