Best Courage team?

I wanna make a team using Courage to boost attacks by burning enemies by 4x, I’ve also unlocked all Jarl’s traits so I’ll be using him too.
What are the other two recommended troops for this team?
You may share your Courage team if you want too.

Courage gives more from its third trait then from its spell cast. Focus on skull match.


Hellcat, mercy, courage x2 here. Always works well enough for me, I’d forget Jarl tbh.

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Too bad I don’t have Courage’s 3rd trait unlocked sadly.

Any chance you have Stonehammer? I feel like he’d go well with Courage.

Sheggra burns a random troop on red matches which you would need on your way to casting Courage. And creates skulls to use with the buffed attack.


Stonehammer is not playable on consoles yet, when he gets an official release on consoles I may try to save up on gems and glory keys to try & get him.

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Whoops, got carried away and forgot we were talking about consoles, sorry! :flushed:

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