Best blue/yellow tank!?

I’m deciding where I should focus my traitstones…

Celestasia has barrier on 4/5 matches, cleanse and heal and gen gem creation (a double edged sword)

Knight coronet does awesome damage and has 50% skull damage reduction…

Celestasia if you can fully trait it.


Even not fully traited, Celestasia is a beast of a tank. If you lack the holy dragon then Sunweaver’s a good alternative.


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Don’t forget The Silent One as an option. It won’t tank, but it certainly has appeal

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Well, it really depends on how much standing power you think you need.

Celestasia fully traited is a wall, and can potentially take endless punishment by healing up against it.
Knight Coronet is very resistant with stoneskin, but obviously has limits to the punishment he can absorb with no heals or armor gains of his own.

I personally prefer the Knight, as he is also an amazing damage dealer and generally while his standing power is inferior to Celessias, it is enough for him to keep standing until the end the vast majority of battles.
Also as an ultra rare troop his traits don’t cost much really.

Sunweaver is a great b/y tank too, similar to Celestasia with potentially unlimited standing power(as long as damage doesn’t come in too fast) with the added bonus of also increasing its skull damage at the same time.

So celestasias healing is better than coronets damage is the general consensus?

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It also depends on synergies.
If you run Bone Dragon, Sheggra, Venoxia, then clearly you want Celestasia.
But you run Archon Statue, Archon Statue, Mystic, then you want knight coronet up front

I think Celest all the way, she just gives you more options and time.

I dont realy run either of those particular decks, I was more just thinking in a general sense.
Although I DO have BD an Venox fully traited as well…

I’m still working on my Venoxia :smiley: But I have fully traited my Celestasia and she’s amazing.
I have no experience with the Knight Coronet except to say it’s a bitch to beat when it’s mythic.

Le SIgh…I still need 2x arcanes to fully trait celest…

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Is that a Glitter Boy?

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Wow. Kudos to the designers that after nearly 20 years that head structure is still memorable.

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i was going to say glitter boy the mech pilot from rifts but someone else answered before i could.

Sorry the points have all been spent, you are right though except that it’s not the pilot in the picture but the mech itself.