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Help with my team

Hey guys. Looking for suggestions. I’ve been using my soul farming/pvp team consisting of Sly/Dragon Soul/ Mab/Valk. But I wanna switch out Mab. Any suggestions for a substitute or even a way to make my team better

Gorgotha ***
Sylvanimora ***
Dragon Soul ***
Mercy ***
Brown / Yellow banner

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for me it is: (dragon banner)
dragon soul

  • extra purple link
  • deals aoe
  • covers blue
  • is a dragon

after the soul troops rebalance i switched valk out for banshee the rest stays intact, turns out even more synergic then before and still 2 casts to max souls


Do you want to opt out on Mab and put in a good front-liner/tank, because in this situation you are relying on Sylva’s third trait to safeguard your troop(s) from skull matches.

Yes I’m thinking about swapping her out. She is only useful when I can pull a 4 or 5 with Valk. So switching her out would be ok. What were you thinking?

Also since we about to have more troops with Necromancy, I could switch out Valk now.

depends on the troop you put in ofcourse since valk is still a superb blue mana generator, and there are many awesome cards using blue mana.

So if you want souls, you had TDS and Valk. Removing mab is removing a troop needing blue, TDS and sylva both dont need blue. Putting in a tank in first spot will determine a bit keeping valk yes or no. Tank with blue (for example khorvash/treant): try with valk. Tank without blue (for example gorgotha) = necessity of valk gone.
Removing valk will have you picking a second troop to fill in the blanks and you could start by browsing in your manapool by color. Sylva = brown/green, TDS= red/purple, remaining: blue and yellow. A possible tank + blue/yellow user + synergy with your dragons could be Celestasia who proves to be a nice tank if you have her fully traited (=barrier on 4/5 gem matches). Your fourth could then be another dragon for added synergy (for example a mana-drainer/one-shotter in the form of dracos1337) or a support card from dragons claw kingdom, or an empowered cleanser or damage dealer to get your game going straight away when there is no obvious +4-gem match on the board first turn (so for example: mercy as yellow generator, or spirit fox as a mana denier/damage dealer/board changer)