Knight Coronet vs Barrier

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I cast Knight Coronet’s spell (deal 18+ dmg to first and last enemy), only enemy troop left was a Celestasia with active barrier status and 18 hp left. Thought the spell would only remove barrier, but it killed the enemy instead (as if it was hit twice). Not sure if this is how Knight Coronet’s spell is supposed to work now (like double hitting Druid or HobGob on single target left).

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Use Knight Coronet on single left target with barrier.

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King Coronet attacks twice if there is only one troop left. One for the first troop and one for the last. The attack the hit the first troop removes the barrier and the attack that hits the last troop killed Celestasia.

Wow, that’s quite a huge buff combined with reducing the ratio from 1:3 to 1:2. Sure about that? But I’m pretty certain he didnt do that from 1.00 to 1.08 - or did he?

He didn’t double attack in 1.08, it used to read attack the first and second enemy. I assume this is working as intended right now though based on how it is worded and it is much better now.

Seems a bit OP when he deals 2x 18+ (easily above 40 with the reduced ratio) to a single target if they are down to a 1on1 - for 12 mana.

Same like Bul’Tauros, Cyclops, Druid, Rowanne and others that just do pure damage and no mana gain or extras.
Boar Rider hits for 18 damage + destroys a row + free turn for 9 mana.
Its about value but none of them are OP when everything is OP ^^

In the past it was normal to kill troops with 2-3 spells but people got used to high skull damage. Now they are scared about caster that collect mana for a few turn und melt face. Its pretty balanced atm.

Boar Rider is rather OP…

Ok but lets say it comes down to a 1on1 at the end of a match. A knight coronet that was moved to the last position, fully traited with leader and stone skin vs … I dont know … Orion. And the tiny ultra rare deals 40+ dmg with his 12 mana skill, which is intended to hit 2 targets, while Orion, who is designed to be hitting a single target deals like what?