Serve And Protect not fully protecting the first time

It’s a small issue, but noticed it, so reporting.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
The first time you use Serve And Protect, with Hero in 3rd position, only the last troop gets a Barrier. 1st troop has died, but 2nd troop doesn’t get a Barrier. Everything else happens as expected, but 2nd troop isn’t getting a Barrier and should.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Have Hero in 3rd slot, let troop in 1st slot (Knight Coronet) die, cast Serve And Protect. Every time, troop in 2nd slot (Valkyrie) doesn’t get a Barrier but troop in 4th slot (Griffin Knight) does.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Don’t yet, could get some if needed.

I suspect that Barriers are only going to troops after the Hero before it moves to 1st slot.


Yeah, by that description it does sound like serve and protect is set up to barrier all troops below the hero, but they accidentally set it to trigger before the hero moves to the first slot.

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In addition to that barrier fails to block damage sometimes too.

Agreed. The card does read that after gaining armor and moving the hero to the front of the team “all other allies gain barrier”. I am sure they will get it sorted.

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im having the same problem :frowning: