Knight Coronet bug?

I’ve seen this several times now. When theres only one enemy troop left the knights cleave spell gives an odd number when the damage appears. It looks like 2 numbers overlapping and it hits for more damage than I expect.

Is it supposed to do the first and last position damage on that last target, essentially cleaving it twice? It seems like that might be happening but I can’t tell since the damage numbers seem to overlap and I cant read it.

Doesnt happen every time I cleave the final enemy troop but it happens often.

It should happen at all times, that is how the spell works when there is just one troop left.
Unless one hit of his spell already kills that last remaining troop.

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Ok thanks. I assumed thats what was happening but wasnt sure if it was intended.

Any Spell with two targets will “double-strike” the last Troop, not just Knight Coronet :wink:

Reaver doesn’t

Reaver doesn’t even hit the targets it states.

A broken Troop warrants no regard.

hobgoblin works the same was as knight correnet. - if one troop is left - it hits it twice. :slight_smile:

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Hobgoblin is a weakling!

Druid :smiling_imp: