When will dragonian monk be added to console? Also help with dragon team

When do you think it will be added?
I say this because I need a dragon to replace my gorgotha. Any good replacements until then?
My current team is
Dragon soul
Any help is appreciated!!

Celestasia. Colours don’t block TDS or Sylvanimora (or Krystenax much). Tanks well with barrier (and entangle help from Sylvanimora). I don’t often cast her spell, but sometimes if I need more purple/red on the board, I might cast it on TDS. Otherwise, she is just there as a tank/damage sponge and to give TDS the extra dragon bonus.

Even if you don’t have Celestasia’s third trait, you can just use her as a punching bag to absorb damage and protect the other 3.

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What about Borealis? They have the same colors

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Another Dragon Soul? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, he’s good too. I don’t have all the traits on him, so I use Celestasia.


before dragonian monk was in the game i just used:

krystenax sylva DS shadow dragon

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In my opinion you are already using the best dragon team!

Annearith is right that adding shadow dragon (or venbarak) at the bottom is good as the bonus purple mana from magic link helps you fill TDS faster, but essentially it’s all about the krystennax/TDS loop, and I’ve found that putting Gorgotha up front significantly helps keep krystennax alive.

Once console troops get the same buff, shadow dragon can be swapped for dracos if you are playing against kraken, as pc/mobile players frequently were last week during the black hawk event

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Put Humility at the front of that and BOOM.