Anyone else try using Celestatia with Valkyrie for soul collecting?

Just wondering if anyone else has tried this combo? Seen quite a few post about people’s favorite teams for soul collecting, and haven’t seen the one I’ve been fooling around with. But I’m liking it so far, but will still see if it can be made better?

For going up against (easier opponents?), I’ve been using;

Gloom Leaf
Hero (using Celestial Staff - for Yellow only mana and self healing)

Pretty much use Gloom to reduce opposing team’s attack, and armor up himself. Then use the two ladies to build up sets. (Also use Hero as target whenever needed, since his mana is just yellow with this staff, so no guessing as to what color Celestatia might throw down) … This seems to be working fine, and having Celestatia’s healing also helps when a troop gets low. (This team is also providing quite a few cascade chains, providing more treasure maps. Have acquired multiple maps in the same set many times now)

For higher end opponents, I still try to collect souls, but I switch out the Hero for Jarl Firemantle. This adds some possibly needed fire-power and he also produces 9 red/9yellow gems, which happens to be Valkyrie’s colors. I also just target him with Celestatia when needed.

I’ve only been playing GoW for about 5 weeks, so I’m only at lvl 115 or so and still experimenting with different setups. Also hope to acquire the Spider Armor maybe by this coming weekend? Sitting at 220 gems now, and plan to just re-save up for Dragon later for it’s gold acquisition.

If anyone has any advise or suggestions for an even better setup, would appreciate hearing them.

The problem with Celestia / Valkyrie is that you are relying on luck for extra turns with Celestia.

Besides, you use Valkyrie to load up Celestia to load up… Valkyrie? That’s an endless loop that doesn’t make you go forward in your battle. Sure, spamming Valkyrie’s spell brings a lot of souls, but soul per battle is capped, and you’ll reach the cap in no time so what you’ll actually want to do is to end the battle faster all while using Valkyrie.

Now, if I where to build a deck around Valkyrie / Celestia I would try…
Adana banner (red / yellow)
Hero with Eternal Flame weapon
Goblin Rocket

I guess you have Eternal Flame since you started playing before X-mas. If you don’t have Goblin Rocket, may be give Hobbgoblin a try(you’d be loosing the +25 yellow mastery but you’d be using a new color).

Hero charge in no time with the banner + the yellow mastery bonus. He charges Valkyrie who will charge Celestia, charging the hero again. Avoid using Valkyrie’s spell on red or yellow gems and you should be good. You’ll end up overfilling the board with red and yellow mana, finally giving mana to Goblin Rocket who will start to deal damage all whil keeping your turn. He also helps collecting mana or lining up the gems the way you want, giving new opportunity to combo.

Besides, I believe your Hero should be your troop with the most tankyness and if he is backed up by Celestia, he should be able to tank your ennemies for the whole game.

I would honestly prefer to have my damage dealer use blue mana, but since there are no troops allowing you to have a reliable way to get an extra turn while attacking that uses blue mana (and none that would fit this deck) this would be my best shot.

Now I don’t know what updates the Xbox and PS4 did or didn’t get, but if you have traits, unlocking the first one of the Rocket Goblin would be a big plus !


Good suggestion.

+1 for very good write up and sensible/reasonably accessible approach.

Thanks for the suggestion. As far as the Traits, no not for XB1, not yet at least. I also don’t have Eternal Flame yet, or Goblin Rocket. Not sure if he even available for the XB1 version? If so, I haven’t seen him yet.

Thanks again. appreciate the advice.

Hmmmmmm, maybe they didn’t make the Eternal Flame available on christmas for XB1 :confused:
You can only get it through the shop sadly… (not through air mastery)

As for Goblin Rocket… It’s an old unit now, I’d be surprised you don’t have it yet (you can check if he is avilable using the “view all troops” button. It’s a Zaejin “ultra rare”(blue) card)

Thanks, never thought to check the availability of troops like that. But will do so tonight. … As for Eternal Flame, yes I have seen this used many times so do believe it is available, I just don’t have one yet. Maybe it was offered before I started? But will keep my eyes opened for it.

Also might be a little off on my time frame for playing? Think I started somewhere around the first week of December? So it could more around 4 weeks?

Thanks again

Well, the weapon was released a LONG while ago, maybe a little over one year, but it was made available again around christmas on iphone / steam, since XB1 / PS4 are receive updates afterwards, maybe you’ll get the same offers in the shop than we do and will be able to get your hand on that weapon (one of the best Hero weapon in my opinion)

I will definitely grab one when it does come around. Agree, they seem to work quite well, and can say I don’t enjoy being on the receiving end either!

I’ve purchased the last few weapons that have been offered, so I don’t believe it was offered on XB1 at Christmas? At least I don’t see how I could have missed it.

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Eternal flame was 2nd or 3rd week in the rewards store so early to mid November. I don’t recall off hand.

Neither are available on the consoles sadly.

Blue damage dealers on the ps4 I’d go with Behemoth if you have it or druid.

I’m not 100% sure that dragon armor is the best bet for consoles at this time. It depends when the full 1.07 hits because right now you need souls a LOT more than gold after 1.07 you’ll need gold.

Appreciate the info. And yeah, I didn’t think Goblin Rocket or Hobbgoblin were available on consoles yet. - And as for the armor, I was thinking the same since this version is still soul based. That’s why I wanted to pick up the Spider Armor now, to take advantage of the 75% souls and still get 50% on gold. Figure to just start saving up again for the Dragon for later, and then have both. (Almost there too, was at 243 gems when I quit for bed last night)

I do have Behemoth, and actually use him quite a bit. (Not sure if I tried him with this setup yet though?)… I also fooled around with using Abhorath in the first position last night, and he worked quite well indeed. Except that he likes to kill off the opponents too darn quick! :slightly_smiling: I try to hold him back, but the unforeseen skull drop just sets him off a killing spree. :smile: … Thanks again.

for those saying celestasia is luck based, not if you actually use her right, yes dual gems have 50% chance to give what you want but if the board is mostly 50/50 on that gem already theres a high chance to get extra turn(s). skulls and a full fill. If you use it on a single gem on the other hand… like skeleton fills… gg.

I show it here, thats my main team and i have a 98 out of 100 global win rate with it (in pvp) (and i often intentionally go for the harder matchups because otherwise i breeze through them, im always rank 1 in the first two days of playing)

(didnt even have my army all lvl 15 yet @ that vid, i do now. Still looking to replace goblin king though he did save my hide a few times against hard legendary card teams or bad luck in some matches, keghammer might replace him since debuffing BOTH attack and magic would be pretty swell)
Now that i think of it maybe i should just put a brown weapon hero instead of it… but hes tankier than my hero… choices choices.

Aziris to replace goblin king and combo even more. Gotta put it before the skeletton if you want it loaded btw

Well, we were going on Celestia-Valkyrie combo, not Celestia-Skeleton.
Having a board filled with a lot of red / yellow gems is either luck based or turn consuming.
Wich is why I suggested a mono color weapon on hero : Eternal Flame.

But that’s still very luck based in my opinion. Especially when the Hero can replace Celestia once you have enough blue / brown mastery to unlock Sheggra Heart (It loads on blue / brown mana and creates 13 Red gems at my lvl). Still considered the problem from the point of view of Digital_Dave who probably doesn’t have that weapon yet.

As for replacing your Goblin King in your deck, I would use a unit running on brown and either green, red, or purple mana color : Goblin King is currently your only brown mana user. Celestia will often overfill Skeleton. Once Gloom Leaf dies, red and green gems won’t be usefull anymore.

Depending on what you have, I would give these a go :

  • Keeper Of Souls
  • Bone Dragon
  • Sheggra
  • Jarl Firemantle
  • Ragnagord
  • Alchemist

was hoping to get a keeper of souls instead tbh. havent been so lucky yet, i do have a 2nd gloomleaf now tho. aziris feels too weak, i already kill atleast 2 cards everytime i get celestasia full>mr.skeltal>gloomleafgoestotown.