Best 95 gems chest opening

So since the update I failed to get even a single legendary from thousands of keys I opened. Today this happened:

I already had crimson, but Shegra and Kerberos are totally new :slightly_smiling:


Sweet pull!

I play on PS4 and we only have Iron Keys (1,000 Gold) and Magic Keys (15 Gems) so far, and I pulled Gorgotha and Gloom Leaf from a single Iron Key yesterday myself!

Looks like some luck is rolling around :slightly_smiling:

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Nice :slightly_smiling:

Why not wait for 450? Patience is key, literally.

Update has hit us quite a while ago and since then I didn’t get no legendaries so I needed something. I opened the 650 (or some thing around that price) 50 pack of event keys to get shegra when broken spire was event kingdom and still got nothing. That’s why I spent it at 95.

As some miracle I happened to get Gloomleaf from the tutorial gem key.

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Very nice pulls DonBoba. I also just got Sheggra the other day, using one of my glory keys. My first thought after that was, “No more luck for me”… :smile:

Luck keeps smiling at me, just couple minutes ago I pulled out a bone Dragon out of 12 glory keys from guild quest :slightly_smiling:

lol, this is not luck, it has to be “fixed”. :wink: And can you believe it, I just got an Abhoraht or what in the world his name is from one of the very few gem chests I have opened. :joy:

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Nice congratulations :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks! It’s going slow but thats the part of the game, being patient. Just trying to secure the last of 2 magic one can get, by getting cash for Dark Stone.

That’s a good thing to focus at :slightly_smiling: