Beaverknights Guild

We have one spot available.

I would like to join the guild. I am a beginner, but I want to grow quickly :slight_smile:
My Invitation code is INTHESHADOW

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invitation sent sir but it says that you are in a guild

Ups, sorry. It was just a beginner’s test with that guild. Now I don’t belong to any guild. Could you try to sent invitation again?

sent sir. welcome :smile:

I’m in! Thank you :slight_smile:

if there will be some place for me, please add, i give no damn :wink:
inv: KONDA_1 or KONDA 1

i will be glad if you would send this inv code further for other guilds, im kinda new here :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway thanks for ur time :slight_smile:

Hi I’m new but I want to join, I’m lvl89 now

We will be happy to have you sir. Just tell us the secret code :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, the invite code is NEIL_26, thanks

Invited. and it seems the chat is down for now. I’ll PM you about our guild’s information.

I’m in:blush: thank you

My tag in Gems is Gabrielspapa. My guild is dying, my buddy wha2do just hooked up with this crew. I’m level 162 and climbing, can donate 1-200K/week until I finish building kingdoms, obviously more after. This game is addictive. Room for one more?

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You need to leave your current guild before I send you an invite :slight_smile:

I’m free. Had to say goodbye, and to tell Krystie79 to find this crew. Tons of gold.

sent you one. am afraid we don’t have any seat left for now for your friend

Looks like we have one spot again.

Looking for any player who willingly to stay with us until the game dying.

With no any requirements, we achieved:
All task done until level 6-7
Potentially 20K guild seals.

Hey Psydotogist,

since I´m a new player and I´m looking for a guild it would be very nice to join you :slight_smile: