Guild For new players


Hi everyone, I have someone who needs a decent guild. It’s a new player, still levelling kingdoms so can’t contribute much but can offer 1500 seals for now :confused:
Platform is PC


Which platform?

I know a good guild if on xbox


PC, steam…


Ok sorry good luck finding a good home


nothing to be sorry about! I am sorry for not posting platform initially


Hello @NeXtreme, It’s been a long time since I last spoke to you. I can offer your friend a spot in my sister guild possibly. From what you described it might be a good spot for him/her .You can pm me for more details if interested. :slight_smile:


I may very well have a spot open up soon, they’d be more than welcome to join me. Reqs are 638 seals, 250k once kingdoms are done. We get 40k seals once a month, finish ~2 tasks, and have a very helpful (and optional) Discord.


Tnx everyone, I think I have found a guild. If anything else comes up I will let you know!

Gl with your gaming and have fun!