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We’ll discuss the rules and requirements for Hermits guild in this thread. Hope this works.

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First things we need to establish are the requirements (supposed to rise soon).

How much gold do you expect a member should donate on guild tasks weekly?

  • 0
  • <10k
  • 10k-25k
  • 25k-50k
  • 50k-100k
  • 100k-250k
  • >250k

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How much guilds seals do you expect a member should claim weekly?

  • 0
  • <100
  • 100-250
  • 250-500
  • 500-800
  • 800-1200
  • 1200-1500
  • 1500

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Success.I got my vote in.

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My comment to my answers:

  1. near 50k for those who don’t level kingdoms yet, 100k-250 for as minimum (1,7 as daily gold + 12,5k tribute daily gives 100k/week without any battle).
  2. 105 you get for daily login per 7 days.

From game chat questions & answers I pull conclusion, that Sunday is best day for kicking time (more people are active before this day, so will be able to spend money & earn seals, also with 7 days limit of inactivity - GM can see double zeroes/guild wars results).

As of 1. Looks fair but how to check if member declaring kingdom leveling indeed has kingdoms below 10?
100k gold is piece of cake for lvl >500 player, but may be out of reach for lvl <100 players.
On the other hand, we don’t have any at the moment :slight_smile:

So maybe lets do the following:

  • a “hard minimum” for amount of seals on a level we will soon determine
  • a “soft minimum” of gold donated, which when not met can be offset by more seals at a rate yet to be determined
  • rules evaluation weekly near Sunday evening
  • anyone can evaluate, but only GM can execute (GoW limitation, I asked devs to give sentinels ability to kick members, but they didn’t)

I have checked today with current/previous rules. No one qualifies for a slightest warning.
Moreso, everyone has claimed some seals and that gotta be the first time :clock12: Thanks!

Next week we’re rising the stakes.

We have to setup some baseline requirements, so that hardest pushing players are less burdened by the idlers. We’ll start with 300 seals and 50k gold by end of the week. I’m ill and can barely see my own hands but am gonna achieve that, so excuses are futile. Will lead by example.

As of why’s:

  • 50k gold should satisfy everyone, bacause all poll voters chose that option, leaning more towards higher amounts rather than lower, hence upper bound.
  • Silence means consent. Folks not voting surely agree whatever comes.
  • 334 from everyone is just enough to get lvl 4 guild chests (667 to have lvl 5 btw). If we want to achieve lvl 6 chests some day, we gotta first consistently get lvl 5. A little below level 4 requirements seems to be a reasonable minimum to start with.
  • Obviously some crazy hot heads will bang 1500 seals every time. Thanks for that. We just can’t demand everyone to do that… yet.

Good luck and have a nice day!

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So the chat is not working on the phone app anymore. My hubby and I want to suggest maybe making claiming your seals a requirement. I know you have 300 set up, but maybe say something in the game chat about claiming them.
Also sad to see Otterbob leave.

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I just checked your guild rank and it’s still sentinel, you should have tools to command and kick butts if needed. This game makes it hard, 'cause you can’t. It’s getting riddiculous when you can’t even speak on chat.

Speaking of claiming the seals, I remind about it from time to time. And 300 seals a week being a requirement makes it pretty obvious folks should claim them, if not regularly, then at least on Saturday evening.

Managing the guild is hard work, and without in-game tools it’s also tedious and mundane.
This game could really benefit from some automation in this regard, like querying guild members that match and expression of a sort, e.g. 0.2 * thisWeekGold / 50000 + 0.8 * thisWeekSeals / 300 < 1 could point out all the members that haven’t met some combined requirement. Way easier than running the maths by hand or exporting data to a spreadsheet first.

9 members (not calling out names here due to forum’s rules) have been expelled from the guild for 0 gold and 0 seals. Some have had trophies, which

  1. are not a requirement in our guild
  2. indicate they SHOULD HAVE claimed some seals, but didn’t

I’ve been thinking of making some channel of communication a requirement, but I have decided not to. Not even a guild chat (which is most obvious, but no - still not).

Rationale: ignorantia iuris nocet et ignorantia legis non excusat. As long as one meets the reqs (or looks to be trying) he’s more or less safe. Even when is not reading a single one of my words. Someone only speaks Russian, Spanish or Farsi? Not a problem. Blind and deaf people are welcome too. As long as reqs are met, I don’t care if they even know about them.

If someone doesn’t meet the reqs, be it either by ignoring them, or not knowing… really - I don’t care why. I kick’em for your good.

Have fun playing!

PHAROS IN DA HOUSE !!! - you can find him in soulforge. Chat on game is broken (for me).

And I think, we should consider recruiting new blood for our guild. 19 members don’t give as much fun in raid boss :-).

OK, I left. In case a new channel is created for Hermits guild, please post a link to it here.

I decided to add a post here, so I wouldn’t repeat myself in the chat window in game - it might disappear after some time.
In the matter of guidelines, I recommend: Tacet the Terror youtube channel - when devs add new thing in game, he records video about it. (Thus his video may seem out of date, game changes quickly.) It is worth listening in my oppinion, because you can see that he is an enthusiast and loves this game in his own way.

!! turn down the speaker before watching his video!!

For example:
How soulforge works?
Gems of War: Soulforge Explained | Efficient Use and Resource Allocation
(Note: that now traitstones can be replaced by wisdom orbs for buying traits, so they are now not as important as they used to be)

Best soul farming teams?
Gems of War: Best Soul Farming Teams | 10,000 - 50,000 Souls Per Hour
(Note: that earlier Valkyrie has second trait Necromancy, now she hasn’t, I know it’s sad. Some players prefer The Dragon Soul instead of her, I rather prefer to have control over the board - convert chosen is better from explode randomly)

Best Dawnbringer teams?
Gems of War: Dawnbringer | 1st Mythic Weapon!

On the other hands, you can find interesting guides from other authors:
How should I spend my resources?

List of all troops
When can I have Mang?
(You can check which troops has trait connected to souls or other things. It’s very handy. )

Mythic Tier List - list of best mythics in GoW
^This link is from Dredd. All credits to him.