Update 08/05/17-rank280 WE ARE ONE (29/30)-level 160-20000+ seals every week-guild war rank 201

Hi all,
We are an active casual guild that is growing fast.
In less than a month we climbed about 150 positions and now we are rank 379.
Master I 200%gold bonus - all statues level 45±guild level 100+
Our requirement are very easy( active play and at least 300 seals/week)
We are open also to low level players and we are not asking any gold/trophy contribution.
We are finishing each week at least 8/9 task each color because we prefer to take as many rewards as possible instead of concentrating all the gold on a single task.
In this way we are helping newbies to collect many gems/Keys as they can improve fast.
About seals, we are hitting each week about 30000 seals and we are not too far from reaching 40000.
We are searching 1 active player that would like to join us.
Apply here or send me a private message if interested.

still searching:sob:

It sounds like a good fit for me - fairly new active player, level 42 and working on getting all cities and to level 10 - but over 1k guild seals in my current guild this week which is very inactive :frowning: Hoping for an invite!

Invite code is COCONUT

Hi @Coconut,
We have a spot Free, if you want to join.

Hi ALL, now we are rank 160 and we are looking for 1 active player.
The goal for next week is hitting 40000 seals.
Help us to reach them!!!
Apply here or send a PM

Thanks for checking in Daniel - I found another guild though!

We are looking for an active player to join our guild.
We are now rank 360 guild level 110+
30000 seals reached every week but we would like to hit 40000
master III gold bonus 220%
Apply here if you want to join or send a PM

Daniel , please send me an invite , DAVE 89

Hi Dave,
sorry but at the moment we are full. I will contact you as soon as a space
will open.
See you

Hi Bocaci,
sorry but at the moment we are full. I will contact you in case a space will
See you

Now we are rank 358 and we are looking for new active player.
Minimum requirements 300 seals and daily play.
Discord channel available.
220% gold bonus, all the statues level 50+
Apply here or send a Pm if intersted

looking for 1 new player
Level 130 + 220% gold bonus-rank 358-20000 seals every week
Apply here or send a pm if interested

we are now rank 340 and we are searching an activew player
requirements: 300 seals/week
20000 seals reached every week
discord channel available
Apply here or send PM

still looking for a player

Only today we climbed 4 positions…and on this point of the rank it’s not so easy…:relaxed:
Join us before reset to be ready for Guild wars Beginning!!!

Hi @d_arayas,
if you are still interested to join we have a free space for you!!!
Let me know…
Hope to see you soon

Still searching…

I would like to join - invite code is CHERIJS11

Hi, if there is one place left I would also like to join.

Invite sent