Beaverknights Guild

Updated Nov, 19th 2016:

As we are now one month old, I took a summary of our guild that we are now trying to step up a bit in the game.

For now, we have a MONTHLY REQUIREMENT of 2000 Guild Seals / Month
If someone has a busy week, they still can cover up on another week.

I took this step based of what we achieved in one month. That I also know we have some good players in the guild, this hopefully we could provide them some fairness as well as we still growing and stay on point to enjoy the game.

Our guild status per Nov 19th 2016 (25 days old):

  • Trophies: 18,990 (almost 5,000 trophies per week)
  • Rank: 860
  • Guild level: 37
  • Statues level: 20-25
  • Weekly guild seals: 20,000 - 30,000
  • Discord server.

We have:

  • +140% Gold daily
  • +2% Tribute chance
  • +10% XP
  • +2 Map turns
  • +2% Tribute amount
  • +10% Souls
  • Weekly report.
  • and we help for team build!

[details=Post Achieve Oct 25th 2016]


Hi! I created a guild as if any new players (and hardcore) want to join.

This guild purpose to share some resources to my nephew who just start the game and maybe some new players.
I also alone gonna drop about 500K - 800K gold (feel free to help) to this guild which can give you:

  • 350 Glory
  • 3-7 Gem Keys
  • 100-140 Gems
  • 9 Maps
  • 2-5 Event Keys
  • 28 Glory keys
  • 700 Souls
  • 240 Gold Keys
    The rewards above is a result when the tasks done evenly.

NOTHING, I care only about your progression (but maybe some fights and gold)
We are rank 10,000 and still climbing!!! :tada::tada:

As I joined a hardcore guild few days after I created my account, I didn’t know exactly how hard it is to get resources for new players.
So, yeah! Here I am!

Leave your invite code or hit me, in PM[/details]

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SingSing is that you?

Stay in the trees!

That’s HyHy lol

Calling all @Robert s, seems fit for you to make the jump to PC :wink:

Im hanging off the coattails of the number 1 guild on Xbox, could never leave for PC.

If I did I would need you to carry me over the treshold and into your guild. I heard @Ashasekayi is in there :blush::heart_eyes:


I’d love to join!


Invite sent to TOAST_13. Please tell me if you did not it.

One spot OPEN for fancy player!


I’d love to join your guild. My mobile account is a fresh one, but I intend to play everyday.

The invite code is: SASKI 1

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Invited. I hope you enjoy the game with us!

I’m in, thank you. I’ll do my best to be a good beaver.

I would like to join the guild.
I play nearly every day and want to be in an active guild.
My Invitation code is FIRENIGHT

nice thanks

im in thanks

If you have any room left, add me. AZIMOTH is my code

Unfortunately, we are maxed with 25/25 members… But on Monday we will try to upgrade the quota.

I’ll hold off joining one until then and see if it opens up. Thanks!

Hi! I’ll definitely PM you when we have 1 spot available. And I am sure it will be occurred on Monday :smiley:

The first week of Beaverknights’ journey.

I am really happy that our first week we reach some achievements!

  • We reached 25/25 members.

  • We produced 3300 trophies (maybe 3500 when the weekly reset happen) and now we have +65% daily bonus gold.

  • We managed to finish all tasks to level 7.

  • We reached 22,500 for guild seals! And someone found a mythic from it!

We will have some opening few hours after reset as our guild’s maximum member cap will increase. Hopefully to 30.