Top 50 guild member looking for active lower rank guild

Hello. I am a member of a top 50 guild, but weekly requirements have become too much for me to handle. I’ll probably survive this week (so don’t ditch me yet guild leader if you see this, haha!) but I’m starting looking for a lower guild to join, with less requirements.

I’ve been in this guild since June,
seen it grow from low to high rank, and has contributed 300+K gold / 600 - 800 seals weekly for a while.
I like this game but I don’t have time for “a second day job” much longer. :slight_smile:

I’m level 194, and would feel good about a guild where contribution is somewhere between 150K - 200K with less strict limits.

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Check out our guild: Whip of God is looking for new members . I will send an invite if you like.

Thanks, I’ll look further into it.
Thing is, I don’t plan to switch guild right away as I’ve already collected gold enough to probably make it for another week in my recent guild.
I’m investigating opportunities, so to speak.

Of course! No need to hurry and not a problem if you choose another guild, we will probably have openings for a while. Best of luck to you!

This is a good idea. While you’re shopping, check out Caramba as well. We have plenty of room and no requirements.

In case you wanna chill with my awesome friends

What’s important for me is the ability to open up “kinda lots” of chests weekly in hopes of finding new legendaries and / or mythics.
While the current guild gives plenty of chests to open, it feels a bit bummerish to spend that much gold since much of it goes to gold chests. Which isn’t worth it.

A guild with 150K - 200K req. would be good since that’d give plenty of gems and gem keys / event keys, but not having to spend twice as much for silly gold chests.

Moved this to the Guild Recruitment/Guild Chat.
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Thanks, and sorry.
I believed I saw several guild threads on the gameplay forum so I placed it there,
forgot to state that I’d like the thread moved if I made a mistake.

No problemos, happy to help.

I’d be interested in something like this too. I’m level 302, currently donate around 200 to 300,000 gold, 120 trophies or so.

My current guild is awesome (thanks guys) but some weeks, the minimum trophy requirements mean that I have to take time away from other activities to keep up.

So hardcore guilds are too hardcore but casual guilds are too casual. Ideally I’d love something in between. Maybe around 150,000 gold minimum but much lower trophy requirements.

I can make 150,000 gold easy. Even horde it so that I can continue to contribute on a quiet week. But that 100 trophy per week requirement is relentless. It means I have to play for around 45 minutes every day. And sometimes I just don’t have that 45 minutes.

Apologies if I’ve hijacked your thread. But I think your first post has identified a niche where there are very few active guilds.

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I PM’d you :slight_smile:

if you are looking for a guild, below you can find our requirement:
our guild is looking for new members to improve our skills.(25 places remaining)
The invitation is opened to all (no level requirement)
Our guild is level 40-rank about 1600 (champion II - gold bonus 110%) and we would like to improve it.
The members have already joined a quite high level and are contributing weekly with 150k gold each/1000+seals each/100+ trophies each
No gold/trophy/seals requirement but a constant contribution and daily play will be appreciated
If you are interested please post below your invitation code

I’m not sure if you found what you are looking for, but I wanted to copy/paste my advertisement that I reopened this morning. Please feel free to send me a message if you want to talk more.

Now in the top 190 guilds on the global leaderboards, Chaotic Tide is looking for a few active members to help us reach our goal of the top 100 in the world.

We ask that you provide:

  • Minimum player level of 100
  • 1000 seals weekly
  • 100 trophies weekly
  • No minimum gold donation as kingdoms are important to level. Donate if you feel you have extra.
  • A dedicated path to increasing your guild rank

We offer the following:

  • +220% gold bonus
  • Gem masteries in the 47-51 range
  • 2 statues leveled to 12 and the others at 9 or 10 each week and growing
  • Active in game chat
  • Active Facebook group where guild updates are given regularly

If you would like to be a part of the coming tide rather than swept away by it, leave me your invite code!

@DamageInc The gold is no problem. I’ve got more than I need. The problem is the requirement almost all guilds (other than the mist casual) have for seals or trophies. To donate 100 trophies a week means playing every day. And real life stops me doing that.

@Baldred I hope you find what you are looking for.

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