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Be able to deactivate weapon upgrades

Not all weapon upgrades for a given weapon comes without a risk and it would be nice if we had the option to deactivate whichever weapon upgrade we do like to for a given weapon.

An example: I did not know how the explosion worked for my Divine Protector or other weapons before I had upgraded it fully. It first create the gems, then it explode before the gems has matched. Today I ran a few tests at 0,25 ingame speed, and the explosion was able to destroy a 4 match aka extra turn for me.

I just hope we can have an option to deactivate whichever weapon upgrade we would like to. It would be nice.


It would be nicer if the devs used commom sense in the first place to not put upgrades that can literally make a spell backfire… The point of upgrading something is to make it better.

Change these bad upgrades for example:

  • Destroy X Gems -> Gain X Manas.
  • Explode a Gem -> Gain X - Y Manas.

Weapon upgrades like “create a red gem” aren’t really useful either, because most likely the new gem is placed in a unusable location or results in the AI getting a extra turn.

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It is one of the reasons why I haven’t fully upgraded some of my weapons, doing so would appear to do more harm than good, reading this confirms that.

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I noriced these arkward upgrade work bad for us and well for AI, like devour it suppose to be same % but AI look more lucky with them

They just skipped the whole opportunity to check the weapons and do some sensible adjustments. Sometimes it feels like if we aren’t pestering them over and over about mistakes they keep insisting on things don’t get addressed at all.
It’s always in some future patch, after they investigate the orange elephant, with purple stripes, holding an umbrella in the upside-down room… The elephant’s name is Philippe the Third by the way. :face_with_monocle:


Devs be like…


Are there any D&D spells that are “Roll D6 D6’s”?

They might not be terrible for a weapon like Divine Protector, that creates that color anyway; but for a weapon like Mang, it’s pointless at best and harmful at worst. Why does an armor destroying weapon need to create color? That makes no sense to me.

It sounded nice on paper. In a ‘maybe it won’t screw it up for this type of weapon like it has for everything else’ sort of way. Nope… it can deny extra turns, therefore it can go straaaaight to hell.


I was indirectly referring to Mang-like weapons. I would rather gain one more attack because at least matches up with what the Mang does. At least Old Man Oakroot won’t make a random gem for us.:grinning:

Well I did say “Might not be terrible” on a weapon like Divine Protector. I never said it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Lol.

This random gem stuff is exactly the reason why I’m holding possible weapon upgrades for now. For usable weapons I will eventually do upgrades up to “random gem” point and no further. There is no way that I would deliberately put these sort of effect on a perfectly good weapon.
When weapon upgrades are required for kingdom stars, I suppose it will be weapons that I don’t use anyway so that “random gem” doesn’t spoil the gameplay.


It’d be worse - the other way - if Divine Protector had upgrades that made red or yellow gems - it already makes far too many red or yellow gems, and is borderline broken.

We’ve known for nearly 4 years that 12 (of one colour) and 16 (of two colours) were the upper limits to gem creation, before the spell became just too reliable. We knew it from playing Webspinner over and over, and trying to push its magic stat up - and from the devs looking at Venoxia or Jarl and actually talking about it and sharing their expertise here.


I like to think the weapon boosts are still in beta.