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Explode x gem... on mana generation weapons

What is the purpose of this? I’ve had plenty of times where I have used Divine Protector and gotten a four or five gem match only for it to be blown up and thus leaving the board wide open for the enemy (Delve Gargoyle…) to reap all yellows and reds along with extra turns that can lead to instant annihilation by Megavore. This applies to even the newest weapon.

I do also have some problems with the create and destroy one gem as well but typically they won’t ruin a weapon fully (Maybe Mang if unlucky). In fact, the only weapon which can benefit from the explode ‘upgrade’ is Death Knell and that’s thanks to the guaranteed extra turn.

Now, here is my “How to ruin your weapon” checklist.

Step 1: Get a weapon that generates mana
Step 2: Get the necessary ingots to max it out
Step 3: Check to see if it explodes gems or has any method to destroy extra turns
Step 4: Upgrade it for ‘kingdom power’
Step 5: ???
Step 6: Congratulations! You ruined a mana generation weapon! You can’t remove it now!

TLDR: Explode gems should not be an upgrade on mana generation weapons.


See this thread for discussion on this topic. You’re not alone and I had been hoping the devs might correct for 4.0; so far no official comments on the matter.