Option to remove weapon upgrades

Hello devs,

I am using a team build around Summer Fury, which used to work great until I got the last upgrade. Basically, after the first cast, there was a good chance for looping if there were a few reds on the board.

The last upgrade explodes one red and a lot of times it removes gems from 4 or 5 setups. I know, it was a stupid decision to get that upgrade, but I didn’t know that the gem removal happened before gem matches.

Please implement an option to downgrade weapons as, I am sure, a lot of people unknowingly upgrade them and break their strategy.


I don’t see any harm in adding such a feature, I think it would be a good quality of life change. :+1:


It shouldn’t be necessary, the upgrades themselves should be changed sensibly instead.
Gem spawn upgrades exist, weirdly they are on weapons that don’t need them or even benefit from them, why these upgrades didn’t land on actual gem spawn weapons is a mystery to me, why gem explode upgrades landed on those weapons instead is an even greater mystery.
This is what should be changed then downgrading weapons would not be necessary in the first place.


For me is the main problem, when my team is based on a redstorm, hero and infernus create this and the weaponupgrade get me a brownstorm. So its not possible for me to upgrade mountaincrusher full. let me choose 1 feature that i can block or skip or deactivate.


I subscribe to this. Lots of weapons have upgrades which makes them objectively worse. Much worse. Some are barely usable after an upgrade although they were good before.

By all definitions this is not an upgrade so we should be able to disable them or rollback at least until a more permanent solution is found.


My favorite “upgrade”. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This. Freaking random nonsense in there still …


I 100% disagree with this option.

The developers should DEVELOP it’s not hard if they don’t use a RNG machine to workout perks. Easy: All upgrades should be BENIFICAL. Especially at the end for 55 Mythic Ingots.

How crazy is it that a player is requesting a 45/55 Ingot investment be disabled due to its harmful gameplay effect.

Just review the perks and make the appropriate (beneficial) change for the cost!

Please do NOT waste development time creating an interface that disables perks created by the RNG Perk-O-Designer app.


It just shows up how desperate players can get/be due bad design choices that aren’t taken seriously in the first place by the developers

Please @Sirrian, we need upgrades, for weapons and classes, worth the investiments! It’s baffling how some things were even approved in the first place…


I wish I could roll back my Dawnbringer. If I submit a ticket, will they give me back the ingots?

I submitted a ticket about this. And they unfortunately could not give back my ingots or remove any upgrades. :frowning:

Really disappointed with tickets not solving the problem. We can only hope they will implement this feature sometimes in the future.

The easiest solution would be to allow us to activate/deactivate weapon upgrades once we bought them, somewhat similar to how we pick talents. Don’t like your Mang to lose you Boss Raid battles? Deactivate the Warm upgrade. Don’t like your Dawnbringer to mess up the board? Deactivate the Dawn and the Hot upgrade. Feeling lucky with a fireworks team? Activate them again.

Yes, that’s the lazy way out, I’d rather see some upgrades that help you more than hurt you. No point in addressing it again though, the last dozen times or so the topic was brought up the devs went into hiding.


Absolutely. IF they feel like it, let it cost gems, or have 24 hours cooldown. We have kingdom power requirements to fully upgrade weapons after all, and many players have done those upgrades even never using a weapon, when the moment came to use it after all it proves to be detrimental.

I want something to change and I don’t care to bicker about what something it is.

I could get it if the weapons that get worse are booby prizes. But they’re not: they’re meta-relevant weapons. You have no way to try out the affix to see if you think it’s worse that way. Sometimes it’s only after a few dozen matches you realize exactly why the affix is worse. Even if we know it’s worse, players are encouraged to chase kingdom stars and I’m pretty sure the estimate of “When will another mythic weapon release for this kingdom?” is somewhere around the 12th of never for many kingdoms.

When I felt positive about the weapon upgrade system, it was because I said, “We don’t know if the devs have a pipeline of new weapons in the works, if they make a lot of new weapons this could be really good.” There’s been time to announce or show off that pipeline. I don’t believe in it anymore. What we have is bad, and makes the developers look lazy/careless.

I don’t care if:

  • I have to pay ingots to remove one affix at a time.
  • I am allowed to toggle affixes on or off.
  • Weapons get talent trees.
  • Developers rework the affixes to be at worst benign.

Again, I don’t care HOW it gets changed. But it’s not cool as-is and it makes me think badly about GoW.


Great solution!

A much more interesting way they could design the weapons upgrades would involve multiple upgrades available, each one with a cost, in Ingots obviously, and a limit of how many we can have activated depending of the weapon’s rarity. It would be a little similar to Talent Trees, but you could invest on high cost upgrades first if you want to.

I can’t help but t imagine if the devs will someday decide to allow extra upgrades for troops… But considering how they conduct troop designs and reworks it’s certainly an unrealistic thought from my part.

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I think it would be a good idea to have this implemented. +1 to OP :slight_smile:

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I had actually submitted a ticket for the exact same weapon, problem and question. Unfortunately, the helpdesk was unable to do anything (I didn’t even ask for my ingots back; just wanted to get rid of the upgrade!)

I’d say there are three options to deal with this:

  • Change the behaviour to destroy the gem after the initial gem links have finished
  • Add a feature to undo weapon upgrades
  • Replace the “destroy gems” upgrade on weapons that create (or convert) gems and replace it with something else (anything will be an upgrade from this!)

Yeah, like @Slypenslyde said: something needs to be done, I’m just not 100% sure what that solution should be.

As I’ve said before an upgrade should feel like an UP-grade. Instead, I find myself going: “I can only upgrade to [insert relevant number here], otherwise I’ll ruin the weapon.”

I shouldn’t feel that way about a supposed “upgrade”. I should be excited that I can up my weapon, not afraid of accidentally upgrading it too far and making it worse. That’s just poor game design. As I said an UP-grade should feel like just that, an improvement.

Also, because weapons are tied to Kingdom Power, this presents another issue, currently. Eventually, you might find yourself “upgrading” weapons you don’t want to, just to get another Star for Kingdom Power. I mean, hooray, you got that extra star/reward, but it came at what cost?

In my opinion, it would take a HUGE reward, for me to, essentially, ruin weapons like my Dawnbringer and Divine Protector. And, even then, I would still be extremely hesitant to do so.

Also, on a related note, why are some of these weapon upgrades so stupidly attached to weapons that don’t benefit from them? For example, one of Mang’s “upgrades” is “Create a Red Gem”? Why on Earth would An Armor Destroying Weapon need to create a Red Gem? That would be way more useful on something like Divine Protector. At least, in theory.