Devs stop making bad Upgrades

I’ve posted this before.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The developers should not waste a serious amount of time creating an interface and programing system, and testing to disable perks. They couldn’t have spent anytime at all creating each individual weapon. Its mostly handled via RNG. Now you want them to waste days or week implementing something they never spent anytime on the first place, NO.

The solution is to simply spend a few minutes THINKING, then alter the perks, if they actually consider them all these negative Perks can be neutral or a benefit quite easily.

Yes its amazing to spend 55 Mythic Ingots on ‘one’ perk for some of the weapons and all it does is harm the weapon.

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They don’t seem to be familiar enough with the game to understand which perks are considered “good” or “bad”. Going by Cyrup in this thread they didn’t even realize up to a few weeks ago that players might consider current perks a problem:

I’d propose that the community compiles a list of possible replacement perks, that has already been done months ago though (e.g. gaining 1 red mana instead of destroying 1 red gem). I strongly suspect that whatever we write here, it’s not going to reach the powers able to change something.


This is why a feature allowing everyone to customize which upgrades they consider a good one and want to have active would be a solution that would not only work now, but for future weapons as well.

edit: Plus, we would not have to all agree which ones they are.


Precisely. Some people might like the RNG factor of “create a red gem” where as others might not. We won’t all agree on what’s good or bad. As Tuaya says there is some strategy to using some of the upgrades, especially storm creation which I would love to be able to enable/disable like I can with talents.


Unless the weapon itself already creates gems there is little to no reason to even consider such upgrades good, specially because they are always the last upgrades, and usually the most expensive ones.

Just look at the opening post, an Epic Weapon with a 20% chance to kill the first enemy at it’s seventh upgrade versus the Super Mythic Weapon that basically gambles on a chance to screw your strategy.

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It’s just that we’ve already traveled down that road a long time ago. We didn’t find anybody willing to listen.

I know. Sometimes these things take time and some continued persuasion. :wink:

Different folks, different strokes. And horses for courses. Some people voted Voice of Orpheus as the best mythic. I voted for it as the worst.


This has been getting stonewalled for almost half a year now if you take beta feedback into account. At some point you begin to wonder if you aren’t actually trying to convince a sock puppet.


I guess it would have that effect, yes. :joy:

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The best “lazy” implementation would be to implement affixes in terms of how another very popular RPG implemented weapon upgrades. I’m talking about Diablo’s Runes. This is just screaming for F2P gamification.

So in this system:

  • Instead of “spend ingots and voila”, each weapon would have “slots”.
  • The game would have “Runes” that, when forged into a weapon, would confer affixes. Each rune would have a different effect.
  • Runes could be obtained plenty of ways:
    • Direct drops.
    • Event prizes.
    • Expensive Soulforge crafting.
    • Leaderboard wins.
    • Flash sales.
    • Finding a solution to the Traveling Salesman problem and transferring all rights to 505.

Then players “could choose whatever affixes they wanted”. This would manifest as “a few people would crunch numbers and decide the optimum set of runes per weapon”. Then everyone would bicker about how it’s too hard to get said runes. Then a few competitive players would get them and bicker that it’s too easy to get said runes. All of this could take months or years.

That sounds a lot more fun than what we have, which feels like “We had a bag of random effects and let the RNG decide which ones went on each weapon.”


So please, enlight me who benefits from such upgrades in this particular, but not unique, case:

There are bad/useless upgrades, things that anyone spending at least two whole minutes looking at a weapon could indetify promptly. It’s not about tastes or strategies at ANY DEGREE, and asking the devs to put “Turn off” switches on all weapon’s upgrades is the shortest, and lazyest, “Get away with :cow: :poop: designs” card they could use for the issue.


I could equally ask you to enlighten me why someone would think Voice of Orpheus is the best mythic. I’m not so arrogant to think I can accurately predict what features 100% of people enjoy.

I also didn’t say that there aren’t any useless upgrades, or that weapon upgrades couldn’t benefit from some more thought, so thanks for showing me the anus sceptre but I’m already well aware that there are useless nonsensical upgrades. Another imperfection in an imperfect game :man_shrugging:

But just as they aren’t going to rework every troop in the game, they aren’t going to look at each weapon individually. The ability to turn upgrades on and off seems like a good quick fix, and is to me more preferable than doing nothing.


Then why are you and others contesting this thread that is asking FOR AN END TO SUCH USELESS UPGRADES?

But i’m not arguing about preferences, you are grasping at straws about the creation of a single gem being possibly a strategic preference, when at best it works for spells boosted in some way by the number of gems present in the board and that also goes for the enemies just like a Storm can help the adversaries. More often than nothing it’ll make no difference, but it also has a chance to setup an extra turn match for the enemies. Trading it for a small amount of mana like 1 or 2 prevents the gamble without hindering spells that doesn’t changes the board in any way. This is objectively better, even at the loss of a minimal change in the number of gems present in the board, which as i already said can also benefits the enemies.

Can you re-read these following sentences and try your best to understand them?

At least something will be done about it, if the devs decide to do at least what i asked we are looking currently at 50ish (probably less) weapons if they review most of the recent weapons from Raids/Invasions too.

If you and others still feel like a further improvement to weapons upgrades would have the option to turn those off, then by all means make a Request about it. I just don’t get WHY THIS THREAD IS BEING DERAILED AND CONTESTED BY YOU???

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It is all that.

And I’ll take it right now, just tell me where to sign!

If it fixes the problem, bring it on please. For smallest of a patch that it would seem to be, if it gets the job done, then it’s altogether a job well done.

And the beauty of it is that we can continue to disagree, see? Some can keep all of the affixes activated until (or if ever) they review each weapon, while others can actually apply their own customization which tbh sounds very thrilling to me.


Again, having the option to turn these off, will more than likely give the devs a “free pass” to keep using random generated affixes, so we’ll keep getting dumb upgrades where we pay ingots TO NOT benefit from anything… This is a bad design choice in my opinion and more than likely a waste of time and resources when simply using time to check and elaborate and implement better affixes could be cheap and quick.


Ok, I’ll leave you to your thread. You seem very resistant to others’ ideas, and for what it’s worth I wasn’t the one that suggested the ‘turn off upgrades’ feature first.

Slightly bemused by your hostility especially given that you’re the one that suggested to me that guilds counter high level spirit foxes in ToD by asking guildmates to pick up life boons :rofl: Perhaps, if someone suggests something that you think is stupid, you should do what I do and ignore it rather than posting memes and WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS WHICH IS VERY AGGRESSIVE.

You really are dreaming if you think every weapon will be looked at individually by the devs, but good luck with your suggestion.


Both suggestion don’t even need to be concurrent, but suddenly it seems like people took the window of opportunity created by this thread, and of course the past ones, to try a “last push” at an idea that i’m strongly opposed if its implementation will leave us with “null upgrades” as the devs can keep pushing bad designs into the weapons.

At the time i personally didn’t reached that level to see, and calculate, if Life Boons would be enough with guild coordination, but then in the same thread i posted, at lenght, about the lack of balance of said Boons versus the stats of all enemies scaling too high and added suggestions of what could be done.

Sorry if you felt hurt, in any degree, as i didn’t took your word for it, but i’d rather check things first and then elaborate my suggestion with first hand experience.

I guess that saying about “Sticks and stones break my bones but words will never hurt me.” applies very well, i use capital letter to give more EMPHASIS when i feel my point is being constantly ignored over and over on each subsequent post.

Never said every weapon. From my first post and up to this one i didn’t mentioned every weapon at all. The thread has a very simple premisse, a good one that benefits all players if the devs really takke their time to eliminate or change inadequate upgrades.

As hostile as i may sound i assure you, as i had before to others, that i don’t hold grudges over these discussions. We have divergent views of what must be, and what is possible to be, done. But in any topic i may find your arguments convincent or aligned with my own views you’ll have my support, at the other side of the coin if we disagree we’ll again argue.


I think Anu’s Sceptre would benefit greatly from “gain life for each blue gem destroyed this way.”


Just need someone to go through these things with a fine-toothed comb … wouldn’t take me more than a few hours and the thing would be fixed.

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