Battle loading screen does not match real-time loading

(Mobile) Could you improve the speed of the battle loading bar to match the real-time loading, or make it one-bar only? The server is a bit delaying here in Asia and it makes loading battle inconsistent. Usually I have to wait for 2 bars to fill up before game, although it has finished downloading at around 1.1 bar or so. Sometimes the game has downloaded at 0.5 bar, but for some reason still need an additional bar to load. Having to wait for the slow loading animation when the game has finished its downloading is a waste of time. I know it’s a region problem because we don’t have server in SEA or Asia. But I think this can be a little optimization to the game and the laggy situation here. A few seconds does not matter but it adds up.

tl;dr: the loading animation may not match the real-time loading so it wastes time.

Edit: Overall, it’s just my guess to the whole situation. Please take it with a pinch of salt.


I know what you mean.

Sometimes I’ve seen the loading bar just repeatedly scrolling across the screen because the game is having trouble connecting to the server, but, especially if you’re doing Delves, you can’t simply quit because you’d lose a Sigil and the Delve :frowning:

It’s very frustrating not knowing if the game has hung or it’s just waiting…