The loading times after the update really cruel, it takes twice as long for the same amount in comparison to before

The loading times after the update really cruel, it takes twice as long for the same amount in comparison to before :sleeping:


I agree, seams there are delays everywhere now, much more then before. I think the devs are throwing in some artificial speed dampeners to slow down the resource harvesting.


Keep in mind many services were affected this weekend and things may not be back up 100% yet.

It was slower before the services were affected this weekend. The mailbox used to be an instantaneous check and now it drags. Mainly everywhere that has that fancy loading gems didn’t need it prior to this update.


I think that might be their fix or quick fix for game not loading /refreshing proper pet battles, tod floors… I think it now checks after and before everything you do

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Thats still bugged. Just figured because it was a visual issue, we won’t see a fix for it until 4.7.

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Loading times started being way more than twice as long for me yesterday or day before that. It’s really not fun playing when loading times between fights are longer than the fights themselves.

Good to know I’m not the only one experiencing this issue, hopefully they fix whatever is wrong soon.

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I had a weird issue earlier tonight. I switched from wifi to 4G right as a match was loading at just kept loading for a solid minute. I had to restart the game to exit the “load loop”. You could say… Okay well don’t switch internet connection while it loads. Cool. But a mobile game should be able to switch without an issue.

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I also get this feeling of longer loading times.

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If you’re still having long loading times after Sunday 1st when there were issues with Amazon, please let me know what device you’re on.

If you’re on mobile, please connect to your wifi, go to the in game settings and select “Download all assets”. Because we don’t require you to download all assets at once to play on mobile (we don’t want to use up all your data), this means they only load in as you need them, which means loading anything with content you haven’t already downloaded takes longer.

I suspect this may be part of the problem.

Don’t know if this is the right thread, but I’ve def experienced more load times on Switch since the 4.5 update.

(On the plus side, guild/global chat performance has improved significantly.)

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Same here, Switch, too.

Game has to calculate 2 loading-indicators instead of one. So double loading time seems logical to me… :crazy_face:

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All loading times are increased since the update rolled out, both before the amazon bonk and after.
Might have to do with the new loading animation tho (the scrolling mana balls). Noticed that they appear in places where there was no loading whatsoever before (or very short loading), like in the guild screen (when switching tabs), after a pvp match (between the match itself and the mvp screen), etc.

Playing on a motorola g6+ with android 7.


it is unfortunately everywhere so whether PS4 cell phone or switch that it takes about twice as long as everything before the update

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My game often will spend time with the loading/new scrolling gems animation and then say “Request Timeout”. I’m on PS4 too.

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It’s been very noticeable playing PvP, adds a couple of extra seconds after every battle. Might not seem like much, but between that, the victory screen, the VIP troop screen, the start of the battle and trait activations, I end up spending about 30-40% of the time I play PvP just waiting for the game to load stuff… Really affects the gameflow, especially if one compares it with something like arena :confused:


May I also say how aggravating it is to have a loading bar that fills all the way and starts back up again. Like literally what is the point of it then?


Even opening keys takes forever.

I play 2 other games right now and I can cold start both and be in a match in the same amount of time it takes GoW to get about 50% through its initial load. (Ignoring that many users including me have reported for nearly a year it crashes 30% of the time on startup on iOS.)

Still also crashes sometimes when you tab out, hate playing on IPad for that reason. Forced to when away.