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Get rid of the loading bar, and let the puzzle load as soon as it's ready

I have a suggestion: please get rid of the loading screen bar. We all know the loading bar is only a visual, and the game doesn’t take that long to load. If for some reason one bar doesn’t load the game, it takes another bar to load the game, and the bar has to fully complete. Kind of silly and wastes time.

Get rid of that entire concept and load the puzzle as soon as it’s available - not when the loading bar completes. All we need to see are those pretty colored gems circling the cards on the right side of the screen. That’s enough to know the game’s still working and hasn’t crashed.


You’re blessed with good internet.

Mine’s prone to going slow on me, and in those periods I see a lot more than the usual 1-2 bars. What’s really happening during that load screen is a little bit of server/client communication to make sure everyone’s playing honest. Slower phones and slower internet see a lot more of it.