Battle Crasher Nerf

Since we are all of a sudden worried about PvP Defenses. Please remove battle Crashers from PvP. Keep them in Explore only.
Replacing my troop that I want on defense has way more effect on matches than a Medal ever could.

Actually I could care less about battle crashers.
PvP Defenses haven’t mattered since you removed “Gem Sliders” from the game.

My real request is to wait at least a patch cycle for a nerf.
The Cedric Medal passed design, QA, beta, preview streams (focused solely on the Medals for a hour) but once it went live for 4 days. You decide to dramatically nerf it. Not 5, 10, 50, or 70%…but 75% reduction in it’s effect.
So please in the future. Deal with a " design mistake" for 90 days (not bugs) then nerf it if still necessary.

My apologies if this request seems like a “knee jerk” response. They’re contagious.


You forgot the “are you crazy” part. :grin:


Lol… I haven’t found a pet gnome since I requested a higher drop rate for them. Didn’t get a single vault key or Mythic token despite making millions in Explore.
Talking about the game in a negative way has only given me bad RNG. I honestly try not to make it more contentious than necessary.