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I don't want to play your loot box anymore

Can we just have an option to buy all the vault troops? (besides the ones provided in Campaign passes)

Chasing the 4 new Gnomes has educated me about everything wrong with the Vault, but you aren’t going to do anything about it so no need for me to bitch about it.

I just want a fair option to buy the troops I’m missing. If that option isn’t provided then I just won’t care about having all the troops in the game. I’m not going to buy keys so I can get my 100th copy of Cedric.

Y’all had no idea about the GAP looping mechanic prior to release so I don’t expect you to have any idea about how ridiculous it is to find 4 Epic Rarity troops as well. I just expect you to be greedy and want money any way you can get it. So this feature request may actually happen. :pray:

PS…“Community week” is lip service and nothing more when considering how fast you were to nerf the GAP. How slow you are to fix a game breaking bug. And you consider how you still haven’t disclosed the Vault drop rates for all troops.
Provide the community actually what they want and then you won’t need a week to act like you care.


I heard that people spent over 500 vault keys without finding all the band members. Now that is insane. So with worse luck you can go over 1000 vault keys.

To see Cedric time after time dropping like rain from a rainy day is nothing but a slam in the belly after getting it first time.


Every positive thing they do either is full of bugs or some hidden BS attached to it.

For the first time in 3 years I came home from work and didn’t immediately open the game. I left my guild the other day, felt awful, and realized that was the only thing keeping me playing, them.

Funny thing you mention @awryan I hope more people noticed how quickly they nerf things and how slowly they fix them. That is by design in the end.

Edit: couldn’t find that video so I deleted that part.

All epic troops in vault should have same drop rate. All legendary troops also should have same drop rate. Not sure why we get so dang many Cedric that no one needs. Waste of a vault key. I laugh when the devs try and sell a vault key or an epic one. Maybe just maybe if they were not dropping so dang many Cedric more might open their wallet.

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The Devs need to do the exact same thing they’ve done with the Guild Chests and the Guardian troops. Once you get a troop to Mythic and have 4 or more of them, they stop dropping from the chests, underworld portals, or the vault and instead you start getting other troops you don’t have instead. Once you get a card to Mythic and have 4 copies of it, there is no purpose to have any more. You either just keep accumulating them or you disenchant them for souls.

Its not like we can trade copies of the extra troops to other players for ones we don’t have.

Plus they’ve added so many troops to the Vault now, it should just have its own kingdom and not just be something under Games with all the troops added to the chests.


You should be able to transmute down higher rarity troops in a game like this. If you could just smelt a cedric into any lower rarity troop for some souls or gold, it’d be a lifesaver. Honestly, do it across the board. Get those bounty troops ascended by just burning a bunch of other troops you already have 50 of

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The problem truly is Cedric’s droprate. It has been ever since:

So to increase the gem value of vault keys they chose to boost Cedric’s drop rate through the roof (among other things). Legendary troops have a high “gem value”.

I’m not saying vault rewards need a buff, just the Cedric drop rate needs adjustment in favour of the other troops.


This for sure needs to happen. Having gnomes work like the guardians in guild chests would be a wonderful solution. Cedric is a very useful troop but when you have 4 mythic copies already future Cedrics are absolute garbage. The amount of souls you get to disenchant him is painfully low when compared to how many souls he would give if you rolled souls as the Cedric reward instead.


I can’t stop hearing this thread’s title sung like the first line of Damn Yankees’ “High Enough.”

I don’t want to play your loot box anymore
It’s a shame I can’t loop gnome verses anymore


I hear Steely Dan: :notes:I don’t want to do your dirty work no more :musical_note:

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Dirty Work is one of my favorite songs of all time, so that deserves a like. @RiverSong, if you really are going to leave Gems soon, I will certainly miss seeing you on these Forums. I thoroughly enjoy seeing your thoughtful posts here. We may be on different platforms, but you are definitely one of my favorite Forum posters. These Forums just won’t be the same without your presence. I hope you have lots of fun with whatever you decide to do next.


Either you are seriously under estimating your Cedric count, or I should find a ledge. (Disclaimer: this is humor. No ledges nor Tresks are in danger!)

I grinded about 12 hours on the first day of the gnome-a-palooza and got 820 keys. my Cedric was already mythic and had 4 copies. After using 200 vault keys today and yesterday I got a good 20-30 copies more of Cedric at least so i do not think it is unthinkable for them to have gotten their hundredth.

Shameful @Saltypatra.

That’s 810 loot box matches just to get all 4 Epic Gnomes.


I have one word to use here, “ouch”.


@awryan You supposedly should take 2 years playing to get those, not two weeks you know. :wink:

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A bit of patience goes a long way. Also, the GAP wasn’t nerfed but fixed.

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It was nerfed.


The nerf was the fix. C’mon. It couldn’t have carried on the way it was.

Now, you do not like to get them anymore.