Bad Description of "Lasher" troop?

since when are there 6 enemies?

It can hit the same enemy multiple times :slight_smile:


I confirm, but it can be misinterpreted by the less experienced. :slightly_smiling_face:

Give them a better alternative…

“Deal 6 times 17 damage to random enemies.”


True, anyone who doesnt know the game will say “6 enemies”, not “6 times to random enemies”

The description should get fixed.

I am not sure what is better.

  • Deal 17 damage to random enemies six times.
  • Deal 17 damage to random enemies 6 times.

The ability should also be named ‘Half a dozen lashes’

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Alright, I’m not trying to be mean when I say this, but… how dumb does one need to be to be confused by “6 random enemies” when they know that there is a max of 4 enemies on the enemy team? Obviously then it’s going to hit, at a minimum, one target twice (okay I take that back, it took theoretically hit the same targets, it could hit two targets three times even!) It’s not that hard to understand.

I mean, come on, what do you think happens with any other ability when there is less than 4 enemies?

Moved to feedback section.

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I thought that this should be moved to the bug reports.

On its own I see how people might get confused but should also be able to figure it out quite fast.
The annoying part is that this is inconsistency #62634 as there are troops that hit 2 random targets but if only 1 target remains they will only hit once. Not to mention the cases where they hit ‘the 2 weakest’ or ‘the strongest and weakest’ etc. but will only hit once, and then there are of course others which do hit the same target multiple times.


Not that I’m doubting you, but nothing sprang to mind for me. Which troops do this? (Just searching through the troop list now… Druid? Hobgoblin? Scarabi? Rattigar? Etc.?)

I must admit, I really dislike random targeting so the only time I ever pick up these troops is maybe during a class or faction event and I don’t have them on my mind right now.
I just recall seeing this in the past. Maybe those few cases have since been corrected.
Still, there are troops whos wording could be interpreted as being able to target the same troop twice but don’t and vice versa. Something like ‘deal X damage to 3 individual troops’ vs ‘3 times, deal X damage to a random troop’ (rather wordy, someone can probably think of a shorter version) would save a lot of nasty surprises.

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