[Reported] Vulperus buggy

PC Desktop, Windows 11

I cant Post a Screenshot, I need to post a video (but i wont)

Using Vulperus (New Unit from Vulpacea) Spell.
Expecting it will hit 3 times.

What is happening: sometimes only hits 2 times.

sometimes. But most likely when there are only a few enemies left. it started happening right after the first time i used this troop.

Use Vulperus and use his Spell.

That’s OK, cause 2 somehow is almost 3.
Works as intended

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Agreed, this troop should use the same target select mechanics that TINA-9000 now does. It’s a nonsense that it should target a enemy that did not survive the early hit(s) and that it made it into the game in this state given the fuss that TINA caused for the same reason.

This really seems to be a recurring design issue with multihit random target spells in general, because we can add Druid to the list of affected troops (i.e. if 2nd target died from 1st splash damage, no 2nd hit occurred). And there’s approximately 20 overall Troops with multihit spells to random targets.

They should check again. What’s happening is that if it kills the second troop out of the 3 it does damage to, it doesn’t do a third hit.
So if second troop dies, the spell stops as if the code is telling it to stop “if damage is greater than x life + x armor”.
Doesn’t sound like that’s working as intended. That’s a bug