Language Changes: Randomly Targeted Damage

With a major localization overhaul happening in 4.6, I’d like to talk about one frustrating issue we as a community have been wrestling with for a long time.

Troops which affect multiple random enemies have confusing and inconsistent behavior. Pre-fix TINA was an example of this; often, the random target it chose for the second or third hit may have already died, resulting in that damage simply not happening. Other times, it is unclear whether the same target can be hit multiple times or if the targets are always different. What happens if there aren’t three enemies to hit?

My solution for this is a change to spell text, inspired by the recent change to Knight Coronet’s text. Make troops that can hit the same target read “Deal x damage to a random enemy y times”, and troops that can’t read “Deal x damage to y random enemies.” The latter’s text won’t change, but changing the former’s text means that the intent of both becomes clear.

What do you guys think? What other troops should have wording changed? I feel like one way to improve the way things are worded in the game is to provide suggestions on what the text should become to make the intent more clear.

I’d rather see:
Make troops that can hit the same target read: “Deal x damage to y random enemies.”
Troops that can’t read: “Deal x damage to y different random enemies”

Deal x damage to a random enemy y times is pretty wordy and would make it way more complicated to explain what TINA-9000 would do, for example.

I don’t care what they pick as long as its consistent between all applicable troops. “Over 600 now” doesn’t fly as an excuse when there’s only a couple dozen at most with that kind of text.

Not just for split/scatter/whatever. For everything else that needs to be straightened out…