(Fixed) TINA-9000 Ability bug

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Samsung Galaxy S5:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
TINA-9000 card says to deal x-x true damage to 3 random enemies. I have had multiple situations where it has killed 1, maybe 2 enemies then ended it’s activation. I wanted to make sure that this was how it was supposed to operate. It reads as if it would hit 3 random enemies and if one would die then target another instead.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I have experienced this 3 times as of now, in multiple battles.

Steps to make it happen again
Starting a battle, and waiting to fill out TINA-9000 and using it’s ability.


I’m guessing that the 3 times are chosen ahead of time? And after a troop dies, it may have been targeted next, so the turn ends

That’s how most stuff in this game works: targets are chosen first, and if that means you don’t get all your targets then oh well.

It’s not how they write the text, but that’s OK. You’re supposed to find out what a troop does like a baby: put it in your mouth and see what happens.


Guess we will have to wait until Monday at the earliest now before the devs decide whether TINA’s spell is “working as intended” or not.

Would be great if this kind of thing is properly tested and is made clear how things work before release.

This is GoW though… :laughing:


It is confirmed a bug:

Hope Infernus gets fixed too.

Haven’t they confirmed multiple times Infernus is working as intended? I can’t keep up.

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The TINA thing is a ‘known issue’ now, Infernus isn’t apparently.

i used this troop in Tower of Doom event thru floor 25 and as the stats increased its easier to see what is happening. it targets three random troops, nowhere does it state the random troops must be different, it can target the same troop multiple times. ive had it target a DOOM 3 times killing it in the process which is pretty cool especially as a team loses troops…

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If that is the intent, it’s fine. Just thought it should target > shoot > target > shoot > target > shoot, which might be too good. I don’t know.

I think the confusion/problem would be solved if random targeting used two phrases:

  • 3 unique random targets
  • 3 random targets

The first behavior is what people expect: point at 3 things (if there are 3 things) and do damage to each.

The second behavior is what is implemented: a target is chosen randomly three times, but duplicates are allowed. So it could shoot 3 times at the same thing, twice at one thing, or take 3 shots at 3 different things.

(Now, we could bicker about if the first one should allow duplicates if 3 valid targets don’t exist, but it seems like the description implies “nope, not going to”.)

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Imma gonna shoot you 3 times. Ooppps you died after the first shot, guess my job is done.

TINA will be fixed in 4.3 we’re sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time :frowning:
We’re considering changing the way Infernus’ spell works as well due to all the feedback we’ve received.


Cheers @Kafka that would be great.

When does 4.3 drop again?

Soon™. It’s in beta-testing now. So many things I am looking forward to seeing player reactions to.


Gosh I sure hope so. Right now I’m assuming the top player reactions will involve missing/incorrect text translations. It’s been a terrible version for my morale.

Now this has me concerned, because I know how these things are usually fixed and there is often a disconnect between what is being asked for and what is delivered. I don’t see what is being asked for being delivered in such a short time.


What people are asking for:
Make the spell re-target a different living troop on-the-fly if the any target dies and would be taking a another shot. OR “Just” target each shot independently depending on whatever targets are alive when that single shot was fired. (no spells have worked like this since target lock was fixed and it may not be trivially possible)

What I think is going to happen:
Force the spell to hit as many unique targets that are available before re-targeting, but still pre-select all targets. You still potentially lose a hit if there are two targets and the wrong one dies, but the spell wont threaten first cast lethal damage and the “problem” will be less noticeable, since it only happens in an edge case.

Please don’t do the latter, as this is pretty big a nerf to the spell since it is far far less likely to kill early like that. I know pretty much everyone would like the former change, but I don’t see it happening. I know I’d personally rather have the current version of TINA that occasionally misses some damage when it gets a lethal spell hit over one that almost never gets a lethal spell hit.


If this is fixed in 4.3, it’s possible beta testers can see the fixed version. I don’t know how to scrape the API for that info, and I also don’t know if we’d be allowed to discuss any change prior to release. If a beta tester who knows both those things (@Lyrian?) cares to chime in, that would be lovely.

Exactly what I’m thinking. If TINA 9000 always target as many different individuals as possible it will become mediocre.

For both TINA and Infernus, they should target randomly, and choose a random live troop when the originally chosen one is dead.


It happen way more than “occasionally” that all the hits are aimed on the same target when there 2 or more than will die with a single hit.

Not sure how even the second option can be seen as a nerf, sure is nice 1 shot 1 troop a turn, but is more nice kill 3 in 2 turns imo, Tina damage is huge, already AW usually kill last 2 with just 2 cast and his damage is just a little more than Tina minimun damage.

Like it is now is basically worthless VS summoners/back up stuff (10 cast to land a hit on enemy hero with 10 hp, nuff said).

So imo if “what i think is going to happen” actually happen Tina would be nice, on the case of “what ppls are asking for” happen maybe her damage should even be reduced.

Anyway we’re talking just about pvp/gw there, high lvl delve/tod/anything else that scale, Tina isnt viable, her damage would be too low and is way too squishy for first slot without skull damage reduction.

Ps: used a silly Tina team for a few runs in event faction and kept track of casts, out of 27 casts when there was 3 or more enemy’s 10 hitted only 1 enemy, 12 hitted 2 and 5 hitted 3 targets, ofc there’s also the cases where there was only 2 enemy, even there is kinda disappointing, last run is a nice example, a Lapina knight with 3 hp and a Bunnycorn with 100+, Lapina got killed and Bunnycorn got ignored.

Beta testers don’t get to see pending balance changes or fixes. For example, we don’t know what the DE changes will be (although I assume decisions on the matter will be announced on the dev Q&A stream), as it currently functions the same as on live.

Regardless, beta runs on a snapshot of live taken before beta first starts. At work currently, but 99% sure the current image was taken before TINA was launched (beta is 2ish weeks old). So I’m pretty sure the beta clone of my live account doesn’t have TINA on it.

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