Is my Mist Stalker broken?

So, they fixed Stealthy which means it can’t be targeted, right? Not even my healers… And I get that, I suppose. Weird and annoying, but whatevs. But I have seen Druids, Ancient Horrors, Warlocks and Night Terrors still target it directly even if there are 3 other viable targets. Is this bugged or are these just super cool, special enemies that have esp and know where it is?

  1. targeted by whom?
  2. has it been stunned?

When you saw it being targeted did your enemy have a troop with Stun (either on it’s spell or traits)?

Stun will temporary disable traits on a troop.

Also Druid’s spell hits 2 random troops, and Night Terror’s spell targets the weakest troop, which is why it will be hit by those troops. Stealth only protects from select targets spells (like the goblins).

  1. Targeted by AI.
  2. No stun.

Also, random and weakest targeting makes a whole lot of sense! Good call. I didn’t even think about that. But the Warlocks and Ancient Horrors still don’t add up, to me. (shrug)

Thanks for replying!