Goblin Ignores Stealth(Solution found)

Just a note to see if maybe a fix could be implemented.

I had Tyri and two other troops remaining on my team. My opponent’s Hobgoblin fired off the spell Hack and Slash and the random damage component ignored Stealthy and hit poor Tyri. Stealthy went off as usual when the Hobgobin cast, but she still got hit by the vertically challenged ruffian.

Needless to say, Tyri is not amused.

Working as intended. Stealth means they can’t be hit by targeted abilities. Anything that hits all or is random isn’t a “targeted ability”.


I see, my mistake. Thank you, Studs.

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Raises the prospect of some sort of “Spell Resistant” effect where they aren’t harmed by spells (and their effects), or at least not until they’re the only target available. Could also be a “Reflect” that sends it back at the caster.


That is a great idea. Truly, that is what I erroneously believed Stealthy was doing until you harshed my mellow with the cold, hard facts :sunglasses:

+1 on a spell resistant effect and/or a reflection capability.