Thief class stealth (Not a bug)

Have been doing a lot explore lately and just noticed that if a effect from an attack is Random enemy it can still hit a thief who has stealthy active. Even if the effect is random as it is a spell, should that not also not be able to hit the thief? Just curious as to why this is happening. I think that based on the stealthy ability, that it should not be able to be targeted.

Its not targeted, thats why random can still hit it.

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In this game, Stealthy means that you cannot click on a stealthy enemy to specifically select it as a target for your spell.
Anything that doesn’t require you to manually select a target - random enemy, first enemy, last enemy, all enemies and such - ignores Stealthy.

Imagine it like this - there are four trees on the field and one of them is stealthy. You look at them, see only three trees so you throw your stone at one of those three. But, if you closed your eyes and threw the stone without aiming, there is a chance you just might accidentally hit the invisible (Stealthy) tree.

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It’s also important that Stealthy doesn’t prevent all targeting—some defense teams would be even more unbearable to face than they already are if it did.

I wrote an answer on a similar thread over here, confirming what the other players have said:

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