Princess Fizzbang got hit but should be stealthy (Not a bug)

PC, Steam.
According to her second trait Princess Fizzbang should be stealthy. However today in pet rescue she got hit first not once but several times. She got hit by the Hellhound, Hellcat, Herald of chaos while there was not one of my troops having been damaged, let alone being killed.
So why giving the Princess stealth if it’s not stealthy at all?

Stealthy works against spells that have to manually target enemies.
If spells have a random target or a fixed target (like hits the first two, or first, or last enemy) stealthy doesn’t work against it


Hellhound and Hellcat target random enemies and Stealthy does not apply in this case - Stealthy prevents actively selecting respective troop as a target.
Herald of Chaos always targets first enemy, thus - if there was no troops above your Princess Fizzbang, she fits the target description perfectly.


Princess Fizzbang was in third position since my team was Hope’s cresent, Queen Grabblepot, Princess Fizbang and Nobend Brothers.
So if I got it correct Stealthy isn’t stealthy at all but only partially stealthy?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
And then the dev’s wonder things are confusing for beginners??? I wonder why?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

Meanwhile i wonder why a level 1300+ player doesnt know how stealthy works :stuck_out_tongue:

Think about it this way.

Let’s say I have a magic laser gun that will burn anything I point it at from here to infinity. I can shoot it once. I know Princess Fizzbang is hiding somewhere in the forest, but I can’t see her. So if I shoot the laser gun at the forest, odds are I’ll burn a hole through the forest but not Princess Fizzbang.

Now imagine, instead, I summon a meteor to land in the center of the forest, engulfing it in flames and burning the entire thing to the ground. Somewhere in the ashes I will find the remains of Princess Fizzbang. You can hide from fire all you like, it’s going to roast you.

That’s Stealthy. It makes it impossible to target an enemy, but if you are firing off a wide-spread “everything in this general direction” blast you’re going to hit the hidden enemy that’s still there.

(This sort of works that way in D&D, too. If a spell requires “line of sight” I can’t hit a stealthed or invisible enemy. But if a spell hits “a cone” or “a sphere” and the enemy is within that area, they are going to be hit.)


Even a level 1300+ get’s surprised sometimes…. :crazy_face:
Furthermore I would like to see you if you had to read everything about the game in a non-native language…. Like Dutch for instance….:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Stealthy means you can’t pick that unit as a target - that’s it. Anything that affects them where you don’t have to manually pick them will still work - “first enemy”, “last enemy”, “random enemy”, “all enemies”, “strongest enemy”, etc.

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Thanks for clarifying, everyone! As you’ve all so eloquently put it, the Stealthy Trait only works for Spells where you have to manually select the Troop (and the game pauses to allow you to do this) - as opposed to Spells where a Troop can be inadvertently hit. I realise this can be tricky to understand with the Trait description, unfortunately there’s not a lot of space :frowning:

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Now here’s an answer that makes sence. :ok_hand:
Thanks Cyrup :wink:

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