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Princess Fizzbang change & hotfix

Hi Everyone,

No reason to deny it, poor little Princess Fizzbang was a bit OP on release. How she got to where she was, and made it through to release, we’re not entirely certain… we’re reviewing that… we DID test her out obviously, but probably not enough on defense! As a couple of folks have pointed out - extra turn + big explosion… BAD idea!

We’re just hotfixing a change for her, so now her spell is:
Gain an extra turn, and either: Explode all Green Gems, OR Increase a skill on a random ally by [Magic] (doubled if it’s a Goblin).
We’ve also decreased her mana cost by 1 in line with her new chance to misfire.

She will be available for Soul/Traitstone refund until 18th September.

(Also… a VERY minor change/fix in the data… Swordmaster is now an Elf/Knight instead of just an Elf)

EDIT: Due to our current method of deployment in the new version, you’ll probably see her spell change BEFORE the text updates. We’ll work on fixing that too in a future version.


A bit OP?

Well, that’s certainly a candidate for understatement of the year…


Next is Wisp?


Yes I probably should have used a :stuck_out_tongue: emoji as I made it


Excellent suggestion!


I’m curious, @Darkness… what is the Wisp team that’s giving you trouble. Happy to investigate that.

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Don’t take away my Wisp! D8


Wisp Wisp Nax Kraken is very common. Both Wisps charge on one match, and casting their spells generally moves board enough to charge Nax or Kraken or refill themselves. Also daft.

Wisp’s spell does far too much for its cost. And it really needs to lose Magic Link.


Essentially wisp, wisp, anything, anything is a problem.

But particularly krystenax, behemoth, kraken …

  • Stealthy
  • 9 mana
  • Swift
  • Charm + Extra Turn + Jumble = Extra Turn + Explosion = BAD idea
  • sadness in War Sphinx’s eyes as nobody uses him whereas Wisp is everywhere (could do the same with Lamia…)

Agreed. Essentially extra turn + ability to generate more mana by jumbling the board or exploding gems or removing gems strategically has the potential to be OP.

Why would you do such a thing :sob: I’ve been having so much fun with her lol


Thank you for the quick rework on this troop.

So I have been one of the earliest and loudest calling for a nerf - but this does seem to leave her a bit too useless… at least it should take her out of the unceasing FizzGrapple defences for a moment… but I would like to see her get a more balanced redesign soonest that the devs have time…

If half her casts just give an untargeted and often useless buff, she’s probably not worth her 13 mana. How about: Explode a chosen gem, take an extra turn, and EITHER explode [Magic/2] random gems OR deal damage to a random enemy…

And Edit: just to add, yes, also thank you for at least fixing the current broken state quickly. Just no pleasing some people :smiley:


you could have wait until next week cycle…

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I’m happy to see the fix now, good response time by the devs this time around.

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do we get refund?

how about either explode 3 gems or magic/2 gems

either way explode but not always as much mana?

I don’t understand this line… She cannot misfire as it’s either: ET + Explode or ET + buff…

perhaps it is because the buff is for an Ally - so solo Fizzbang no longer gets any benefit