Tyri Taking Hit Damage Despite Traits

I’ve levelled my Tyri to take no spell hits (unless she’s the only one left) and yet she takes the hits! It’s taken me weeks to find Arcade Venom to get this trait, and it’s not working. WTF???

Why did you double post the same thread?

My bad, I didn’t know I did that, having some tech issues, but thanks for that helpful response.

No problem :slight_smile: I try to be helpful when I can. I wish I could be of more help though. Hopefully @Nimhain can help you. Actually I believe this is a known issue on console as I’ve seen other people report it before.

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If you search Stealthy in the forum, there’s been a few bug reports recently on this trait, particularly on console it seems.

However, it would probably help the devs if you could give the circumstances of spell damage hitting Tyri. For example, are you sure it was targeted damage, not random or AoE damage (which Stealthy doesn’t protect against)?

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Stealthy also doesn’t protect against “most healthy,” “least healthy,” “first,” or “last” troop targets. It literally only applies to spells that you’d manually select targets for.

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