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Bug? Intentional? Help pls?

Does the minion that casts the spell counted as an ‘ally’?
Cuz sometimes ‘Princess Fizzbang’ selects herself as the target ‘ally’ but I got the ‘stealthy’ trait for her so it negates the spell which is an ally skill increase, but what is more interesting is that it also negates the gem destroying effect and kinda screws me over sometimes. Bug or intentional?

Caster = ally?
Gem destroying skill gets negated by stealthy?

Caster is considered an ally unless it’s specifically states “other ally” or something similar.

Also Fizzbang was changed the other day to be “Buff OR Explode” rather than both.

Stealthy shouldn’t be blocking the stat buff (since it’s a random ally, not a targeted effect), what platform is this on?

Caster is an ally

Fizzys spell was nerfed to do explode OR stat boost

Dammit! Sniped by @Ozball lol

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On pc, but from my speculation (I just casted it) it does both (buff and explode)

I think it just bugged out or smth

yeah definitely just bugged out
casted it again and worked as stated