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Suggestion for minor buff to Stealthy trait

Last week I posted an idea to buff Submerged slightly, so that perhaps it could protect from damage from Infernus and Ubastet. Tonight, I was thinking about the other direction. What if the Stealthy trait (cannot be targeted by spells unless there is no other target) could also apply to effects that target randomly or under a certain condition (like weakest troops)? This way it would be the opposite from Submerge. It could still be affect by splash damage, or damage all effects though. This might allow for another tool that, while wouldn’t be enough to dethrone the Divine meta, could take it down a small notch.

That actually is a functionality of the game.:slightly_smiling_face:

Unless you’re saying, you’d prefer that stealthy HIDES the stealthed troop from splash damage and random target spells.

I’m saying, what if Ubastet couldn’t hit a Stealthed troop with its spell, as long as there were two or more other non-stealthed character, regardless of the Stealthed troop’s life and armor.

Ah, I see what you’re saying now.

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I don’t think this would help with the Uberjoke situation and I don’t think Stealthy needs fiddling with to make it less intuitive.

I’d much rather see the blatantly silly numbers of Ubastet balanced properly.


I think you missed the last sentence.

ETA: I don’t think “this wouldn’t fix the problem” is an argument for making this adjustment. After all, even in the absence of Uba, the meta was still defined by Infernus before.

I think the stealthy trait is already balanced. As Jainus said, it is intuitive. A crafty ninja can hide behind a tree and avoid a targeted strike, but he can’t do anything about a random bomb drop. :stuck_out_tongue: