You can't see me...I'm Stealthy?

So if I put 4 troops with this trait on a team what happens? I can’t be targeted and can only be defeated by skull attacks?

No, if all of your troops are stealthy, then any of them can be targeted.

Strangely, if one of them gets stunned, then the rest become stealthy again.


Nope, if all troops currently alive have Stealthy it’s as if none of them do. (Same applies if you kill off the non-stealthy troops and only two or three are left)

i’ve been thinking about this, if all you’re left against are stealthy troops, then shouldn’t the spell target a random enemy troop? that would be more consistent with the trait, although i admit the coding would have to change to accommodate this.


Ok. So what if only three? Will the one without take the brunt of spells?

yes, you will be able to target only the non-stealth one then

but stealthed units still take aoe damage


Hmm. Three stealthy troops + 1 Impervious. That would be interesting.

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Would be a good foil for maw, kerb and wulf.

Kraken and other aoe would still kill them all.

Wulf would still do his damage to the impervious troop, and then devour a random stealthy one, so maybe not the best foil to him.

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i use great maw a lot and i must say one of the better teams i faced without naming the troops were impervious/stealthy x3 lol. i had to kill of troop 1 before i could cast maw to actually devour not hard but it was a well planned defense if someone wasnt paying attention

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Do I need to make another thread? Or can I just use this one to ask about all these acronyms? Particularly. …

Rng…I think that’s it…
Etc…I know there are more I just can’t remember?

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AOE is ‘area of effects’ and refers to something that does damage to everyone (like Rowanne or Crimson Bat).
RNG is random number generator.


While we’re at it, I"m confused about the term “meta”

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That’s a bit of a hard one. I’ll take a crack at it and maybe someone else can jump in and help clarify.

When people here talk about the meta, they are talking about a particular approach to the game that becomes popular as people play and discover what is successful, both through their own experience and by copying what appears to be successful for other people. Right now, in PVP and GW, people see a lot of Deathknight, Famine, Kerberos, Forest Guardian, etc., and this defines the current ‘meta’. People gravitate toward using these defence teams because the design of the game (both in terms of particular troop design/balance and game design/structure) encourages them to do this. A really unhealthy game will have everyone gravitate to doing exactly the same thing, but even a well balanced game will have certain playstyles or approaches that are more popular than others.


I find this post is good explanation about "meta"


ohhh to go back to the days when having 4 “stealthy” troops was considered “unfair” and “cheating”, and the calling outs, and the whinging…


To be fair, 4x Stealthy was broken on Console, and some people were deliberately setting 4x Stealthy on defense in order to force wins, which you could justifiably classify as “cheating.”

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Fair point, well made.

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I remember those days,glad that was corrected


'Sup, Zoo? Long time, no see. Hope I’m not necro-ing this, but the comment you linked is actually one I’ve been looking for to use as reference for some time! Thank you very much!

Now, time to get to something I like to call the “Soul Absorbing Bone Tower” effect! From back in the days when I played Yu-Gi-Oh! Oh, Middle School, how I TOTALLY DO NOT miss you.

Anywho, there were months of debate over cards that said “If there is another X present, you may not attack this” or “If there is another X present, you may not attack any creature other than [Card Name].”

This loop creates situations where you either can’t attack because you have to attack a creature and none of the creatures are attackable OR you can not attack anything BUT a thing that can’t be attacked.

In the latter situation, it was ruled (house and then official) that you can attack either of the things that say you can only attack them, but the former and more applicable here was ruled three different ways. First, house rules said that no, you cannot attack. Then we decided that was stupid and cheesy and someone eventually ruled that it allowed you to attack as if there were no creatures, because all of them were treated as untargetable leaving the player the only target.

The final, and I think official ruling was that they cancel eachother out, and that’s what it looks like Stealthy does here.

Toodles! See you all in a month or two when I get bored again! Stay classy!