Bad boys, bad girls, whatcha gonna do, how about joining the Dragons' Peak crew! 😈 [30/30]


With @Tacet’s blessing I’ve created Dragons’ Peak which is Dragon’s Peak partner guild.
Our minimum weekly requirements are:

  • 300+ Trophies
  • 500K+ Gold (on Monday asap after reset)
  • 1500 Seals (by Sunday Daily Login Time - 7am gmt+0)
  • Level 100+

If you want to join, please let me know here or via PM about your:

  • Invite Code
  • Level
  • VIP Level
  • Amount of trophies you tend to do every week



This is the official 2nd guild of Dragon’s Peak.

Dragon’s Peak is the left wing and Dragons’ Peak is the right wing. :slight_smile:



Sorry to see you go from Audles, best of luck with Tacet and the new guild.


Oh and Audles has a spot open :slight_smile:

Had to highjack your thread Gwyn, you owe me that one.

Yeah, I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck for you too @Lola, @Haladini and Audles.
(Ps. Lola is great leader, I’ve spent couple months in great guild!) :slight_smile:

Goodbye, and good luck, Gwyn. Sorry to see you leave Audles.

I’d like to join:

Lvl: 299
All kingdoms lvl 10
Invite code: DIGO 2

PS:I need to drop off my guild.

If you are able to fulfill weekly min, then leave your guild and I’ll send you an invite.
(Ps. Are you sure that your Invite Code is “DIGO 2” not DIGO_2?)

Invite sent!

Come join us guys! We are currently 3/30 ^^


Thank you! :wink:

I’m interested in joining!

IGN: Szeryng
Invite code: SZERYNG 1
Level 456
All level 10 kingdoms, 7x 5-star kingdoms

Good luck Gwyn!

Invite sent, welcome!

We are 4/30 already :slight_smile:

(Ps. Thank you @PinkMooNinja :3)

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I’m in.
LVL 305
all kingdoms at lvl 10
invite code: DENKU

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Invite sent, welcome aboard!

We are 5/30, hurry up guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump :slight_smile:

We’re 6/30.

I am lvl 238 50% kingdoms lvl 10 rest lvl 5+

invite code rainsz

Hey @Tacet is “all kingdoms level 10” really necessary? There were plenty of people in Dragon’s Peak without all kingdoms maxed and some are still there and donated like 1,5M+ in 3 weeks.

Yeah, we could remove that if @Gwynhbleidd is fine with removing it. I always just assume most “better” players are already maxed out, but many newer players who are really good haven’t had the time to upgrade everything yet. As long as they can do 300k/300 easily it doesn’t matter what their kingdoms are. :slight_smile:

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