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Looking for an active top 60 Guild (GUILD FOUND)

Invite code DUFFMORE level 528 all kindoms level 10 with only a few still at silver star. Last guild I was good for 50-100k gold a week with 100 or more trophies as needed. I left the last guild because it was full but it seems only 3 of us were putting up gold for tasks.


Dragons’ Peak is not yet in top #60, but we are growing as fast as many top guilds. Our weekly min. requirements which most of the members exceed without any problems are 300 trophies and 300k gold weekly.


The Breakfast club has a spot for you if interested. Your contributions meet our requirements. We are currently #54 and rising. Let me know if interested. seems you are already in a guild. Will need to leave the one you are in so I can invite.

you play on pc and console too pino?

Yeah, Got started on pc a few weeks ago. Have a little down time at work, and bringing my X1 to the office may be frowned upon. :grin:

Your guild is exactly 3 spots above the one i’m in. See you at the top brother! lol Sorry to hijack the thread. You may now return to your regularly broadcast tv.

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Im the GL of Tigerclaw (currently rank 7), and I think we might have space for you if you’re interested.

Thanks for all the invites, I found a new home.

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