[CLOSED] Lvl 1110 looking for appropriate new home

Hello! My averages for last 10 weeks are ~ 700t /1,5kk gold.
I’m looking for a guild, that makes 20k+ trophies/week or so.(20,000/30=666t, fits perfect with my averages).
I’m still working on traiting my troops, so after that, I can do more trophies/gold.

I have to warn also, I’m planning a vacation on May, 2 to 18. I guess, I can’t do reqs that time, it is not a problem of a time, but of a poor internet in a deep russian periphery. I don’t know, what the devs use traffic for, but GoW works very bad there.

We are rank 48,gain above 23k trophies per week,18 legendary tasks.
And we had a sister guild 30k seals per week now,created 3 weeks ago.
We can arrange move to sister guild when you on vacation.

Hello @band1c :slight_smile:

You might be interested in our guild:


New home found. Thanks all for your offers!