Dragons' Peak searching for active players! 26/30 Rank 21 PC/Mobile

Hi all,

Please be sure to be able to get our minimum weekly requirements:

  1. 300 Trophys +
  2. 1500 Seals / week
  3. 500 K Gold on Monday! + (we do 1m / week all)

Please contact me if you wanna join!

Hi! Are you still looking to recruiting active members!

We are. If you can meet the guild minimums and want to join please send/post your invite code and We can send invite.

Remember at least 500k is expected on Mondays.

Hi Ninja,

yes we are still looking for active players! So if you wanna join send us your invite code!


Still open & your chance to join an active guild!

Awe man you guys do have a kick ass guild, thx for considering me, but I did end up finding a guild. I would never commit treason by leaving my guild Mid Event. I await the day we meet in battle as friend or foe. :crossed_swords: Ninja >.<

Thx for the Info Ninja!

Maybe you need a guild some days … Just let us know.

Currently still searching for Players! 28/30

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Any spots still open?