Dragon's Peak is Recruiting (Tacet the Terror's Guild) - TOP 20 Guild - 1.5k Seal, 300 Trophy, and 1M Gold Minimum Per Week - 40k Seals and Multiple Legendary Tasks Per Week [29/30]


Requirements Per Week:

  • 1.5k Seals
  • 1M+ Gold
  • 300+ Trophies
  • Level 3 Guild Sentinels
  • Decent score in 30 Bracket 1 and 2 GW Battles

Please leave a comment below or message @Tacet with why you want to join and:

  • Invite Code
  • Level
  • VIP Level
  • Amount of trophies you tend to do every week

###If we are full, make sure to check our partner guild. It has the same requirements. Contact @Gwynhbleidd or message him at this thread if interested in the other guild:


“2nd fastest”

Say what you will about Voldemort, but the man is making progress! :grin:


Come join the elite guild intrim! leave your tired old guilds behind…erm sorry thought i was rhino :sunglasses:


I am still in need of another person because the person above me left to Intrim. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dragon’s Peak does over 2k/2k gems/keys a week.

EDIT: He came back :slight_smile:


We are still in need of 1 more member who can do 300 trophies 500k gold a week at minimum. Now is the best time since we do over 1k gems/keys on Monday and over 2k of each throughout the week.


Hey Tacet! Sent you a pm, but figured I better respond here as well since you mentioned you didn’t see our last communication right away. Let me know if the spot is still available. Thanks!


Dragon’s Peak partner guild still needs several more people. Keep in mind that most new recruits for Dragon’s Peak will have a much higher priority of getting in if you are in our partner guild. Dragon’s Peak did over 2,000 more trophies than the highest guild this week. Our partner guild when fully recruited should be around par with other competitive top guilds. Contact @Gwynhbleidd if you are interested in joining us.


I’m interested.
LVL 305
all kingdoms lvl 10
invite code DENKU


I am interested in joining lvl 238 almost all kingdoms lvl 10

Invite code rainsz


Youve overtaken Intrim then?


Dragon’s Peak did 20,472 trophies last week. The highest on the leaderboard last week was Intrim with 18,801. That is 1,671 more. I somehow also just got 2 more people from Intrim who wanted to join me, so about 1/5 of the guild (5-7 people) are ex-Intrim/Intrim2 members.

I have nothing against Rhino, but I do wish to chllenge Intrim, Anonymous, and every guild in this game competitively and fairly.

Also, Dragon’s Peak partner guild Dragons’ Peak is still recruiting. If anyone wants in, make sure to contact @Gwynhbleidd. Requirement for the partner guild is 300k gold 300 trophies minimum per week. There are several members from our partner guild on the leaderboard this week as well. The guild is an overflow guild for our main guild Dragon’s Peak, so anyone in Dragons’ Peak will have higher priority when finding new recruits for Dragon’s Peak.


Our partner guild is still in need of additional members. Keep in mind that it will become a lot harder to get into either Dragon’s Peak or Dragons’ Peak once they are both full, so now is the time. Go contact @Gwynhbleidd if interested in joining us.

Bad boys, bad girls, whatcha gonna do, how about joining the Dragons' Peak crew! :smiling_imp: [30/30]

Hi Tacet. If you are interested i will also like to join Dragon´s Peak. I normally donate around 1,5 milion gold and 900-1200 thropies per week. I am now level 426 and 47 in pvp standings and from Intrim. I will only be interested if i can join your main guild


About 1/5 of my guild is ex-Intrim. It doesn’t feel right if I keep taking everyone abandoning that ship. A good majority of the guild members still in Dragon’s Peak are great guild members. There are several lower ones, but they stay active vocally at least. :slight_smile:

Unless someone dips under the minimum or someone leaves on their own, there are very few instances in the near future that Dragon’s Peak will directly have space. We already do the most of any other guild, so I don’t really have to purge lower performers anymore. Even when an opening occurs, unless that person is like top 10, the majority of Dragon’s Peak recruits will be from our partner guild Dragons’ Peak.


I am not in the guild anymore so you would not take anything from Intrim, but i like your policy keeping people. Best of luck to your guild.


Well, Dragons’ Peak would still take you since it is ran by @Gwynhbleidd. I pretty much give him free rain with how he runs the other guild. Best of luck finding a guild if you choose otherwise. :slight_smile:

The people at VN4ever may be able to get you in. They have 2 slots atm.


I’ve sent you and invite, you are vely welcome if you want to join Dragons’ Peak :slight_smile:


Ty Gwyn i think i will accept your invite but please dont be mad if the guild dont suit me and i might leave it at some point. I am really looking for an very active topguild.


Of course, It’s your decision. I’m glad that you will join us even for a short time ^^


I will not fool you Gwyn i have got some invites from some of the topguilds, so i wont be joining. But I wish you the best of luck, and maybe we will meet in the future